Duplicating Tips


The following procedures have been created to assist faculty and staff when submitting duplicating orders.

  1. Be thorough when filling out the order forms -- number of copies, collate or staple, 3-hole punch, etc.  Incomplete work orders will cause a delay in processing your order.
  2. Copyrighted materials must have permission from the copyright owner before submitted to duplication.
  3. Remove all staples -- replace with paper clips.
  4. Pages must have a margin or at least 1/2 " on top, bottom, left and right for copying and binding purposes. If you want the pages 3-hole punched, allow at least 1" on the left margin.
  5. All paste-ups must be fastened down on all side with scotch tape.
  6. When the original is deteriorated or unreadable, please re-type the document. The Word Processing staff will be happy to assist you in the creation of a new master. Call extension 4234 for assistance.
  7. When using page numbers, all pages must be numbered sequentially.