How to Apply: High School Students 


Concurrent Enrollment The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District provides opportunities for students to enroll in college courses while still enrolled in high school. Permission from the high school administrator and parental approval must be obtained prior to registering for classes.


Eligibility of High School Students To be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students:


1. Must have completed the tenth grade and be at least 14 years of age on the first day of the semester they wish to attend;

2. Must be currently enrolled in high school;

3. Must be determined by the high school principal (or designee) to have the ability to benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work; and

4. Have written parental approval (per the high school authorization form) prior to registering for classes.


Prospective students who do not meet all of these criteria will not be accepted for college admission. However, an appeal process is available through the Admissions and Records Office at Cuyamaca College. Please inquire there about the exception process.


General Rules for High School Students High school students will be held to the same academic and conduct standards as other enrolled college students. Access to specific courses may be limited by space availability and/or course prerequisites. (See college catalog and class schedule for specific information.)


If a course requires a prerequisite, students must clear the requirement and provide proof of satisfactory completion of the prerequisite with the Cuyamaca College Counseling Office.


High School students who wish to take math or English courses must complete the placement questionnaire on the WebAdvisor main menu .Placement results are immediate.


High School/College Credit (HS/CC) students may enroll for either day or extended day courses but are limited to two courses per term, for a total of no more than 11.5 units. State law places a limit on the number of HS/CC students who may enroll in Exercise Science classes.


All classes taken at Cuyamaca College are for college credit. Enrollment in the HS/CC program will establish a permanent college record. Please be aware that all grades received or excessive drops have implications for future student status at Cuyamaca College, including financial aid assistance, athletic eligibility, etc. Courses taken for college credit may be used to meet high school graduation requirements, however this determination is made solely by the high school district.


High school students will need to provide transportation to and from the college, purchase a parking permit (if needed) and the required text books and supplies for the college course(s).


Due to state and federal regulation, high school students taking concurrent enrollment courses with Cuyamaca College are treated like all other college students. All college coursework is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which allows for the release of academic information, including grades, to the student only, regardless of student age. Therefore, parents do not have the right to access or discuss educational records from student activity at Cuyamaca College without the student present, written consent, or a court order.



Apply to Cuyamaca

Complete an Application for Admission to Cuyamaca College. Applications are active until two consecutive semesters are missed.


Plan Ahead Students should begin the process for concurrent enrollment at least one month before the semester or session of attendance. To enroll concurrently at the college, follow these proced ures: Meet with your high school counselor or designee to: 

  • Develop an educational program plan relating to the instructional program at the college, and 
  • Select appropriate courses after the required prerequisites have been met. 
  • If you have met the prerequ isite requirements for a specific course, and need to have the requirements cleared, please contact the Cuyamaca College Counseling Office at 619-660-4448 for clearance.

Complete HS/CC Enrollment Form and Have It Signed Complete the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form available on-line, at the college Admissions & Records Office or the high school counselor's office. Obtain your parent's or guardian's signature on the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form. 


Deliver Signed Authorization Form to Cuyamaca

Present the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form to the Admissions & Records Office at Cuyamaca College after your application has been submitted. Incomplete forms will not be processed. 


Register for classes

High School students can register for classes through the WebAdvisor/Self Service system on or after their assigned registration date and time. This date and time can be found on the Webadvisor student main menu, under the “Registration Date and Time” tab, or can be given at the Admissions & Records Office. Students will not be cleared to register until the signed Authorization Form is on file with the Admissions & Records Office.


Additional Steps for High School Students 

  • If you are a home-schooled student, you must provide Cuyamaca College a copy of an Affidavit for Homeschooling, filed with the Department of Education. These affidavits are good for up to one year. Any subsequent enrollment after the one-year period will require an updated copy. 
  • For students taking English and mathematics courses, the appropriate placement evaluation is required before courses can be taken. This can be done via the online Placement Questionnaire on the WebAdvisor main student menu. Students have access to their WebAdvisor within 24 hours of applying.

Additional Tips and Support for High School Students

1. College counseling/advising/ transfer services are provided to students through the Counseling Office.

2 If students require additional accommodations, Cuyamaca College provides a variety of support services for students. Please inquire further for more information.

3. Courses taken for college credit may be used to meet high school graduation requirements. An official college transcript should be requested by the student and sent to the high school for graduation evaluation through your webadvisor account.

4. Spring semester classes typically end in early June; therefore, grades may not be available until mid-June. Please consider this when making plans for high school graduation.

5. If you wish to continue your concurrent enrollment into the next college semester, you must complete a new High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form each term. A new Application for Admission is not required unless you are inactive for two consecutive main semesters (fall and spring).


Fees for High School Students

Enrollment fees are waived for California resident high school students. However, high school students are responsible for paying miscellaneous fees, including the Health Fee, Student Center Fee, Student Representation Fee and Non-Resident tuition, if applicable.


Parking Permits and Student Benefit Cards are optional for all students. However, parking permits are required and enforced when parking on the Cuyamaca College campus.


California residents may be eligible for a fee waiver, but Federal financial aid grants are not available to high school students.


Course Attendance

You must be present for the first class meeting or the instructor may drop you. In addition, the instructor may drop you for excessive absences. However, it is always the student's responsibility to drop the course before the published deadline dates if you no longer plan to attend.


Instructors are not required to drop students for non-attendance. Please be sure to know the deadlines for your classes. Semester length and short term classes have different deadlines. These can be found on the Cuyamaca College Website under “Quick Links -->Class Schedule”. Click on the semester you wish to see deadline dates for on the left hand side.


After High School Graduation


Graduated high school?


If you applied or enrolled in courses as a high school student, but have since graduated high school, we will require proof of graduation, or impending graduation, before you will be able to register. If you are 18 years of age prior to the start of the semester, a "High School Change of Status Form" is all that is required. This can be found on the “forms depot” of our Admissions & Records page and must be submitted to our office prior to registration. If under 18 prior to the first day of the semester, a "High School Change of Status Form" along with proof of graduation, or impending graduation, is required. As a minor, the college is required to verify graduation status. Sufficient proof to fulfill this criteria would include: the bottom portion of the form filled out by a counselor, a copy of the HS Diploma, or a high school transcript with a graduation date listed. For more information regarding this policy, please contact the Admissions & Records Office.


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