Due to COVID-19, Cuyamaca College is closed until further notice.


Graduation Application Deadlines


Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT):

For Spring 2021 CSU Applicants (application period August 1 - August 31, 2020): To ensure sufficient processing time for CSU E-Verification, it is highly recommended to apply for the ADT Degree by September 15 2020.  Final application deadline is October 9, 2020.


For Fall 2021 CSU Applicants (application period October 1 - November 30, 2020): To ensure sufficient processing time for CSU E-Verification, it is highly recommended to apply for the ADT Degree, and have all required transcripts on file, by February 12, 2021. Final application deadline is March 12, 2021.


Associate Degrees & Certificates (Non-ADTs):

Fall 2020:                     Apply by October 9, 2020

Spring 2021:               Apply by March 12, 2021


Due to technology constraints, official transcripts sent from outside institutions may be delayed in processing. However, if the institution offers an electronic service this may be a faster method for us to receive and process official transcripts at this time.


Graduation is as Easy as 1-2-3

To apply for graduation:

  1. Make sure all official transcripts (if applicable) from outside institutions you have previously attended are submitted to Admissions and Records by the application deadline posted above.
  2. Check your graduation status with a counselor to ensure you meet all of your graduation requirements. Contact the Counseling Center to make an appointment, or use "Talk with a Counselor" to verify you meet all graduation requirements.
  3. Submit your application for graduation to the Admissions & Records office before the deadline dates listed above. The earlier the better!

Graduation Evaluations

Approximately 2 weeks after your graduation application is submitted you will receive an official evaluation via email which shows your status for graduation. Attached to your evaluation will be a letter explaining how to read your evaluation and the graduation process. At the end of each term, final grades are processed by the Admissions & Records office approximately 2-3 weeks after the semester officially ends. At that time, your evaluation will be updated. If you have met all of the stated requirements, your degree and/or certificate will be posted to your transcript record.


What if I'm Not Ready to Graduate?

If you do not have all required course(s) either completed or in progress by the drop deadline of the semester in which you apply for graduation, you will be notified by email that your request for graduation has been deleted and you will need to reapply in a future semester. All application and drop deadlines are listed in the class schedule and college catalog, as well as the college website.


Awarding of Degrees and Certificates

(During COVID-19 and campus closure)

Approximately 4 weeks after the completion of the semester, you will be notified by email that your degree and/or certificate has been posted to the Grossmont-Cuyamaca transcript. At that time an estimate to mail diplomas will be provided. Graduates will be asked to confirm the mailing address to where they prefer to have their diploma mailed.


To provide your preferred mailing address, please email the Evaluations Office at with your full name, student ID#, preferred mailing address and the semester in which you are graduating.


Diplomas will not be mailed until a confirmation email has been received from the student.


If you would prefer to pick up your diploma in person, once the campus is open, please send a request to the Evaluations Office at:


This mailing address confirmation is only for your diploma to be mailed. To officially change your address on file, you must fill out an address change form, which can be found on the Admissions and Records webpage, and submit it to the Admissions and Records Office at or you may update your address through your WebAdvisor account.

Note: The diploma timeline is subject to change depending on staff access to the campus during the COVID-19 closure. Students will be notified with updated information as conditions change.


Commencement Ceremony

Each year, at the completion of the spring semester, the commencement ceremony is held on campus. Please visit the Commencement page for more information.


Note: The 2021 Commencement Ceremony will be held in a virtual format. 


Contact Us

Contact: Paulina Downing  Lisa Di Bella
Office: Admissions and Records
One Stop Center - Building A-319
Title: Evaluator (Last Name A-L)  Evaluator (Last Name M-Z)
Hours: Mon - Thurs
8am - 4:30pm
9am - 1pm



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