Concurrent Enrollment: Step by Step Admissions Guide

Steps to Enroll

To enroll in college as a high school student, please follow the steps below.

  1. Apply for Admission to Cuyamaca College. Applications take between 24 to 48  hours to process, before the student will be active. Students will remain active until they miss two consecutive terms. If this occurs, students will have to reapply using the same application account initially created. Feel free to access our Application Instruction Flyer for additional reference.
    • Applications submitted to Grossmont College are also acceptable, as we share one joint application system.
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  2. Fill out and sign the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization Form available at the college Admissions and Records Office, or online, here.
  3. Obtain your parent or legal guardian's signature on the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization Form.
  4. Meet with your high school counselor to:
    • Discuss what courses to take at the college. How to choose your classes
    • Determine whether courses will also be eligible for high school credit.
    • Obtain their signed permission, via the required High School Authorization Form.
    • While in the remote environment, if counselor signature is not possible, please have the high school counselor email written permission directly to the Specialist in lieu of a signature.
  5. Submit the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization Form to the Cuyamaca College Admissions and Records Office. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Please email all forms directly to for clearance.
  6. If you are a homeschooled student, you must also provide a copy of the Affidavit for Homeschooling, filed with the CA Department of Education at the time of submitting the Authorization Form. These affidavits are good for up to one year. Any subsequent enrollment after this one year period will require an updated copy.  
  7. Once cleared by Admissions and Records, students may log into the student Self-Service portal to register for classes. If you need assistance with registration, please view our Step-By-Step Guide. In addition, please feel free to look through our Next Steps Flyer for High School Students.

Submitting Your Paperwork

All high school paperwork can be submitted electronically via email to: Due to technology constraints, and a high volume of inquiries, paperwork may not be processed immediately. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible to emailed inquiries, however, please give at least 24 hours before checking back in.

To meet with a counselor for course assistance in the concurrent/dual enrollment program please schedule an appointment online.


  • Even though high school enrollment fees may be waived, students still need to cover some associated costs.
  • Enrollment fees ($46/unit) are waived for California resident high school students. 
  • High school students must cover various mandatory fees, such as the Health Fee, Student Center Fee, and Student Representation Fee. These fees typically total around $30 or less per term and should be paid during registration.
  • Parking Permits and Student Benefit Cards are optional for all students.  However, parking permits are required and enforced when parking on the Cuyamaca College campus.
  • California residents may be eligible for fee waivers, but federal financial aid grants are not available to high school students.