Choosing Your Classes

It is important to select concurrent enrollment classes carefully because high school students are held to the same academic and conduct standards as other college students. All courses taken at Cuyamaca College will be for college credit and will establish a permanent college record. Grades received and excessive drops can have implications for future academic and eligibility status, including financial aid and athletics.

How to Choose Your Classes

To find the right classes for you, check out the Cuyamaca catalog or use the online class schedule.

Meet with your high school counselor to discuss which courses you should take at the college. Your counselor can help determine whether the courses will also count for high school credit. Keep in mind that high schools are responsible for deciding whether courses taken for college credit can fulfill high school graduation requirements.

If you need more guidance, college counseling and advising services are available to students through the Cuyamaca Counseling Office.

Availability and Prerequisites

  • English and mathematics placement is required for students taking English and mathematics courses at the college, regardless of levels taken at the high school. 
  • Access to specific courses may be limited by space availability and/or course prerequisites. (See the college catalog and class schedule for specific prerequisite information.)
  • If a course requires a prerequisite, students must clear that requirement with proof of satisfactory completion of said prerequisite at the Cuyamaca College Counseling Office.
  • Concurrent enrollment students may register for courses in any modality- (in-person, online, hybrid), but are limited to a total of 11.5 units per term (8 for summer session).
  • State law places a limit on the number of high school students who may enroll in Exercise Science classes, so please be mindful of this before trying to enroll.

Attendance and Deadlines

  • You must be present for the first class meeting or instructors may drop you. In addition, they may drop you for excessive absences. However, it is always the student's responsibility to drop courses before published deadlines, if you no longer plan to attend. 
  • Instructors are not required to drop students for non-attendance. 
  • Semester length and short term classes have different deadlines. Check current semester dates and deadlines.

Accommodations and Course Access

  • High school students will need to provide transportation to and from the college, purchase a parking permit (if needed) and the required textbooks and supplies for the college course(s).
  • Once officially enrolled, an active course will be available to students via Canvas, (the college learning management system), after 24 hours.
  • If students require additional accommodations, Cuyamaca College provides DSPS (Disabled Students Programs and Services), tutoring, and other support services.  Please inquire further for more information.

Ready to enroll? Get started with our step by step admissions guide for concurrent enrollment.