Graduating with Honors

Graduating with Honors applies to Associate Degrees only, Certificates of Achievement and Certificates of Specialization are not eligible. 

GPA Requirement

To officially graduate with Honors requires an OVERALL GPA of 3.5 or higher for all degree-applicable units, from all colleges attended. The overall GPA is determined at the completion of the term in which a student has applied for an Associate Degree. 

GPA Determination

Summer and Fall graduates

Final OVERALL degree-applicable GPA used when degree was posted. 

Spring Candidates

The OVERALL GPA at the completion of the 8th week of classes is used for Honors eligibility/recognition during the yearly Commencement Ceremony.


Once FINAL grades have been posted for the spring term, this OVERALL GPA is used to determine official eligibility for graduating with Honors which will be posted on the college transcript and diplomas.  


For Spring degree candidates, Honors status may change as final grades are submitted. 

The GPA used for the Commencement Program and the final GPA at the completion of the semester may differ. This may affect Honors eligibility for recognition at the ceremony vs. the final status posted on the college transcript and diplomas.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK):

Being a member of PTK is not the same as Graduating with Honors. The GPA used for PTK membership and ongoing eligibility per semester of enrollment is based on the Cuyamaca College GPA and units completed, which is different from the OVERALL degree-applicable GPA used for Graduating with Honors in the semester of completion. 


Please contact the Cuyamaca College Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for more information.

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