Request Official Transcripts

Please follow the instructions below to order your Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) official transcript.


Once final exams begin, official transcripts can be requested but they will not be "final" until ALL grades have been processed. A "final" transcript will be available approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the end of each term. The "final" transcript will include all semester notes; President's List or Dean's List, for example.

How Can I Verify My Degree/Certificate

To verify your earned degree/certificate to an outside institution or agency, you may order a final transcript and select the "Hold for Degree/After Degree is Posted" Option-this will ensure your degree/certificate is posted to your transcript before it is mailed. We suggest ordering final transcripts no later than the final exam period to allow time for processing. 


For degrees and certificates that were earned in a prior semester, an official transcript may be ordered at any time. 

Students with Access to Self Service Portal

How to use Self Service to Request Your Transcript

Below are the steps to use Self Service to order your transcript. Make sure to note your order number when completed, you will need this to check the status of your order.

  1. Log in to Self Service
  2. Open the left side navigation panel by clicking the menu in the top left corner
    Open top left menu in Self-Service
  3. Click on the Helpful Links section to open the drop down menu
  4. Click on Official Transcript Request
    Select official transcript

Cost and Processing Time





Processing time


PDF transcript delivered to participant institution or download of PDF by third-party recipient

$3 each plus $2.55 handling charge per transcript 

immediate upon

automatic authentication or once authorization is processed

Paper Hard Copy 

printed on official paper and sealed

$5.55 each plus $2.50 handling charge per transcript 

USPS First Class Mail (2-10 business days)

*FedEx options available

Same-day pick up

requested in person

$5 each 



 Order payment must be made with credit or debit card.


Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations provides that a student may receive two official transcripts free of charge. *Please note the $2.55 online handling fee is required for all online orders submitted.*


To avoid processing costs, you have the option to order a PDF version of the document online at no processing cost. If you prefer a hard-copy, we offer this service as well. The hard-copy itself is free, but there's a processing fee of $2.55 charged by Parchment. If you wish to avoid this fee, you're welcome to come to our office and submit a request form in person. We can process this request directly in the office without any additional costs.

Check the Status of Your Transcript Request

You can check the status of your request through the Self Service portal using your order number.

Check the status of your transcripts

Student without Access to Self Service Portal

If you do not have access to the Self Service portal you will need to submit your electronic order in the Parchment website.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students may print their unofficial GCCCD transcript from Self Service to get past grades, courses taken, semesters attended and grade point average.

  1. Log in to Self Service 
  2. Open the left side navigation panel by clicking the “hamburger” menu in the top left corner
  3. Click on the Academics section to open the drop down menu
  4. Click on Unofficial Transcript Request
    Select unofficial transcripts

For help with accessing your Self Service account, please send an email to