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Cuyamaca College Dining Services

Operating Hours for Fall 2023

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Coyote Cafe

Student Center
 7:30am - 3:00pm
Monday - Thursday
Closed on Fridays


Coyote Grill

Student Center

Monday - Thursday

7:30 am - 3 pm

Proudly serving coffee and pastries, yogurt, bottled beverages and snack items.

Initial offerings will include breakfast burritos, overnight oats parfait, and fresh fruit cups in the morning. For lunch, the Grill will continue to offer breakfast burritos, a grilled chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, pizza, cold sandwiches, salads, soup, fries, and some baked bread options. 

Welcome to your new Coyote Market inside the Student Center! It will offer grab-and-go sandwiches and salads, bottled beverages, pre-packaged snacks, and incidentals.

10:00am - 6:30pm
Monday - Thursday

Fridays and Saturdays