Recently, roughly 80 Cajon Valley Middle School students celebrated their graduation from the second annual College is for Me program here at Cuyamaca. Made possible through a partnership with Cajon Valley Middle School, College is for Me is a program in which middle school students are invited to take summer courses at Cuyamaca for college credit. The program aims to help students cultivate their strengths and fulfill their goals. “If you can do college at 12, you most certainly can do it at 18,” says Cajon Valley Assistant Principal, Vidalia Resendes. 



The event wasn’t just a commencement ceremony, but an opportunity for the students to showcase what they had learned this summer. Before the ceremony began, family and friends walked through a gallery displaying the childrens’ artwork. Roxy Osuna, a College is for Me graduate, described her art piece (pictured below) as an encouragement for everyone to stop and find the beauty that is all around them. 


One student, Jose Sabedra, stood outside the auditorium with his head held high and his voice projecting over the crowd of people gathered outside, all skills he acquired during his summer public speaking course at Cuyamaca. Jose was delivering a speech about the importance of mental health awareness amongst teens with his proud mother recording him amongst the crowd. Afterward, Jose had the chance to tell us how the program impacted him. “Before, I thought I could go to college. Now, I know I can,” said Jose. 



Cuyamaca Interim President, Dr. Jessica Robinson, expressed her excitement over the program’s success as a Cuyamaca alumna herself. Dr. Robinson grew up in Lemon Grove, CA and also wasn’t so sure if college was for her until she attended Cuyamaca.


"We're here for you. You are now part of the Cuyamaca family. Our doors are open for you. Our support is here for you," said Dr. Robinson to the graduating students.