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The Ford ASSET Program is an accelerated cooperative work experience based training program. Students who complete this program will receive an Associate of Science Degree including Ford Certifications allowing warranty service in content areas at a Ford dealership. Students must attain a sponsoring dealer for the required work experience component of this degree. The courses are accelerated eight week courses meeting from 12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for the first eight weeks of each semester. Work experience takes place the second eight weeks. Students must attend all lectures which last one to two hours. Each course consists of Web Based Learning Modules to be completed as homework, workstation laboratory assignments, quizzes, and objective tests. The objective written final examinations and laboratory tests must be completed on campus. Our laboratory hours will be posted in the course syllabus.


Performance projects must be completed at the sponsoring dealership during the semester corresponding to the Ford learning objectives for each course. The Work Experience classes measure each student's ability to work independently at the sponsoring dealership in specific Ford service areas. Object tests and hands on tests take place on campus throughout each semester.

Ford ASSET (Automotive Student Service Education Training) is recognized as one of the very best training programs in the world. Ford has excellent training, and is the industry standard.


We have openings each semester depending on the class size, your dealer sponsor, and acceptance of your signed application.