Dana Fitch

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BUS-111  Entrep: Starting a Business


Course Notes:

Provides the prospective small business owner or entrepreneur with the most up-to-date skills necessary in the planning function of opening one's own business. Emphasis is on sources of financing, site locations, legal problems, marketing, including an overview of web and internet marketing organizational structure, and self-analysis to determine one's personal readiness for entrepreneurship.    

BUS-112  Craft Entrepreneur


Course Notes:

This course provides an introductory view of today's craft industry. Specific topics will include an introduction to craft industry entrepreneurship, government assistance programs, project management, customer relationship management, information technology, and exploring ethical and social responsibilities.

BUS-128  Business Communication


Course Notes:

Development of the ability to analyze, organize, and compose various types of written and oral business communications with an emphasis on writing clear, concise and persuasive letters, memos and reports.  

Dana Paul Fitch: MBA, consultant to governmental acquisition agencies, contributed Booz Allen Hamilton’s contract bidding process; and worked closely with SPAWAR on test and evaluation, environmental/safety compliance, process management, and training strategies. Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer (retired) Master Training Specialist, experienced in leadership processes, conflict resolution, and employee development. He has worked as a manager/supervisor in both large and small retail, industrial, and academic organizations.