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GD 105  Fundamentals of Digital Media

Course Notes:

This course explores the digital software used for graphic design, multimedia, and web design, specifically the use of vector (Adobe Illustrator) and raster images (Adobe Photoshop). Using the design process, students will create projects that require the use and comprehension of various file formats and color modes used in print and web design. Input devices such as digital cameras and scanners will be used to enhance projects. The elements of art and principles of design will be introduced as students develop aesthetic compositional skills.




Prerequisite: None
Corequisite: None 
Recommended Preparation: Basic computer skills
3 UNITS : 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory


GD 110  Graphic Design Principles

Course Notes:

Explores the fundamental concepts of graphic design and visual communication. Basic concepts, principles and elements of design are reinforced through creative problem solving. Text and visual elements such as photos and illustrations are integrated to create appropriate and aesthetic solutions to print graphics problems. Students will investigate career options and begin portfolio development.




Prerequisite: "C" Grade or higher or "Pass" in GD 105 or equivalent or two years verifiable industry experience.
Corequisite: None 
Recommended Preparation: "C" Grade or higher or "Pass" in ART 124 or equivalent 
3 UNITS : 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory


GD 125  Typography

Course Notes:

Explores the fundamental nature of typography as a reflection of society. Characters are examined as art forms and as carriers of language and ideas. Technical aspects of typography will be considered including function and production. Students will design letter forms using both traditional and digital processes with an emphasis on developing a professional portfolio.




Prerequisite: "C" Grade or higher or "Pass" in GD 105 or equivalent
Corequisite: None 
Recommended Preparation: "C" Grade or higher or "Pass" in GD 110 or equivalent
3 UNITS : 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory


GD 222  Web Animation

Course Notes:

Covers design, development and implementation of web-based animation using animation software. Students will create common web animation projects such as advertisements and web interfaces.




Recommended Preparation: “C” grade or higher or “Pass” in CIS 211 or equivalent or basic computer and Internet skills and ability to create and upload a simple website.

3 UNITS: 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory 


GD 225  Digital Illustration

Course Notes:

3 UNITS Prerequisite: “C” grade or higher or “Pass” in GD 105 or equivalent Recommended Preparation: “C” grade or higher or “Pass” in ART 124, GD 110 or equivalent 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory Uses vector and raster image software to create digital illustrations. Applies design principles and computer technology to create graphic images in an aesthetic composition. Students will produce artwork based on contemporary illustration styles. Applicable for fine art, graphic design, and interactive design. CSU, UC



Instructor Bio

Prior to becoming a graphic design instructor, my career in the communications industry spanned more than three decades. It began in the newsroom of a major metropolitan newspaper, followed by several stints in local marketing firms (from the smallest to the largest), and then the opening of my own media relations firm, Crowley Communications.


After a life-altering event, I went back to school and got an associate degree in Graphic Design, along with certificates in Digital Photography and Web Design, and then launched my current business, Crowaboutit! where I create visual messaging for clients in such diverse industries as law, exotic animals, non-profits, public works construction, jewelry, music, plantscaping, military/education, building trade associations, and writing/publishing.


In the other half of my professional life, I've taught face-to-face graphic design classes at Cuyamaca College since 2011.


What my students say:


"I had Professor Crowley for Graphic Design 105 for the Spring 2014 semester and I am currently enrolled in her GD 110 class. 9 months ago I was hesitant about my choice to major in graphic design-- a field I had no experience in. I had no idea the influence that Professor Crowley would have on me. 9 months after my first class with her, I would have gathered enough skills from her classes to be hired as a professional Graphic Designer for Sign Age Identity Systems, a local Sign design and fabrication company in Santee California. 9 months after my first class with Professor Crowley, I am designing evacuation maps for multi-million dollar contracts. If this doesn't pay homage to the extraordinary ability of Professor Crowley to prepare her students for professional work in the graphic design field, I don't know what does."


"She is very helpful, friendly and extremely patient!"


"She is a great teacher who has really helped me to understand how important Graphic Design. She goes over the assignments,gives demonstrations and will help you if you are struggling with understanding. I had no prior experience in using any of the programs in GD but now I feel that I can use both without hesitation."


"She is really great teacher, she helps a lot everybody ,explain the whole thing, understand the students and communicate nicely."


Jolene Crowley with monkey
This is me after a photo shoot session at the Pacific Animal Productions zoo, when the owner turned the camera on me and one of my subjects, Lily, an adorable spider monkey who loves to snuggle.