ENGLISH COURSES - Composition & Literature


There are five levels in the composition program.

Level I - Eng 90 - sentences and basic paragraphs. 
Level II - Eng 98 - basic paragraphs to one essay. 
Level III - Eng 109 - focusing on essay structure. 
Level IV - Eng 120 - focusing on research essays. 
Level V - Eng 124 - advanced essay writing.

There are also reading classes to go with these levels. Reading 90R, 98R & 110R. Reading classes help you read faster and remember more. Students with higher reading skills get better grades!


There are also great literature classes available!

Eng 122 - Introduction to literature 
Eng 207 - Romantic Fiction 
Eng 217 - Science Fiction and Fantasy 
Eng 221 & 222 - British Lit. I & II
Eng 231-232 - American Lit I & II 
Eng 270-271 - World Lit I & II .




Web inks to help your writing and grammar.

Check out the Reading and Writing Center for free tutoring to help you be a better writer!


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