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Music 111  History of Jazz


Course Notes:

Optional Text:  Henry Martin and Keith Waters, Jazz: The First 100 Years, Second Edition (publisher: Thomson Wadsworth, ISBN: 0534628044. Using only my lecture notes you can complete all of the assignments in this class.

Music 115  History of Rock Music


Course Notes:

Optional Text: Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman. American Popular Music: The Rock Years (publisher: Oxford 2006, ISBN: 0195300521.


Texts are available for purchase at the College Bookstore or on the web (discounted used copies are available at


Using only my lecture notes you can complete all of the assignments in this class.


These are fully online, fast-paced 8-week courses. There is no mandatory on-campus orientation. Students are required to complete a variety of assignments, including writing assignments and essays, listening journals, discussions and forums, quizzes, and a final exam. Reading and listening homework relates to the lecture notes provided on the course website. 


Our course Canvas website will become available a day or two before the start date. The primary instructional materials for the class are my self authored Lecture Notes, available on our course website in PDF format. All of the streaming audio and video clips for the class are available via links in these notes –  there’s no need to purchase audio CDs. To access the audio/video and (especially) to have the tests run smoothly, you'll need a reliable high speed internet connection. 


This is a fully online course that unfolds on a weekly basis. The course is asynchronous – that is, you don’t need to log on at a specific time/day. If you have basic computer skills you should have no problems, but you must be self-motivated to stay on top of assignment deadlines. Plan to engage with the course website at least three separate times per week. There's nothing you need to do until the start date. The course Canvas website is available 24/7. 


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