Financial Aid & Scholarship Updates 


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Receive your financial aid disbursements/refunds electronically instead of paper check!

Sign up for your electronic option NOW!
Direct Deposit – Funds will be deposited into your personal bank account on 1-5 days after the disbursement date.

BankMobile Vibe Account – Funds will be deposited into your Vibe Account on the same day as the disbursement date. The Vibe Account is a checking account which also includes a Debit MasterCard. The Vibe Card can be used like a debit card (use anywhere MasterCard is accepted) and ATM card (no monthly fees and free ATM withdrawals at any Allpoint Network ATMs and the ATMs at Cuyamaca and Grossmont Colleges).
Receiving your funds electronically is faster and more secure.
For information on the disbursement process and how to sign up, click HERE.

If you don’t sign up for Direct Deposit or the Vibe Account, your aid or refunds will be delivered to you via paper check…which can take 21 days or longer for you to receive!





  • All enrolled students should have received or will get a green envelope or email from BankMobile that will provide you the information you need to sign up for your ELECTRONIC selection. 
  • If you do not sign up for direct deposit or Vibe Account, you will receive your disbursement via paper check. Paper checks can take 21 days or longer to be disbursed! Your financial aid check will be mailed to your address of record with the Admissions and Records Office or Money Network (if you updated your address with them directly).  It is your responsibility to make sure that the Admissions and Records Office and BankMobile have your current address and email address.  Use either Direct Deposit or the Vibe Account to receive your aid faster and more securely.




 Pell Grant disbursements will begin the Friday before each semester starts.

  • Check your WebAdvisor for your disbursement dates.
    • Fall Disbursements start on August 14
    • Spring Disbursements start on January 25
  • No more Pell Book Vouchers – We are no longer producing Pell Book Vouchers. Instead, we are doing earlier disbursements so you can have funds available earlier and be able to choose who you purchase your books and supplies from.
  • It is more relevant than ever to sign up for direct deposit or the Vibe Card so you can get your funds faster and safer. If you do not sign up, earlier disbursement dates won’t matter because you’ll get a paper check in about 21 days.

Don’t wait for a paper check! Sign up NOW for Direct Deposit or Vibe Account!



Have a Cal Grant? Here's a $4000 grant you could be eligible for!



The SSCG grant is a state program administered by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and awarded by the college. The program is designed to encourage full-time enrollment, quicker achievement of the student's educational goal and is a supplement to Cal Grant B and C recipients.  SSCG awards are made on a first-come-first-serve basis and students must be full-time as of Census Day for each Fall or Spring term to receive the grant.  The award amounts are tiered and are based as follows:

  • A maximum of $1,298 annually (or a maximum of $649 per semester) for eligible students who are enrolled between 12 and 14.5 units each semester.
  • A maximum of $4,000 annually (or a maximum of $2,000 per semester) for eligible students who are enrolled in 15 or more units each semester.
  • NOTE: There is a limited amount of SSCG so not all eligible students will receive this grant.

If you need help on deciding how many units to take to maximize your aid, please go to the Counseling office and meet with an academic counselor.





Taking Online Courses Only?


Federal regulations have affected how colleges offer financial aid to students who take only online courses.  If you are taking on-line courses only and reside OUTSIDE of California, you are currently not eligible for financial aid through our college.  If you do reside in California, then you may be eligible for financial aid.  However, you need to verify that you are residing in California during the current semester.  Please go the Financial Aid website and select the “Online Course Residency button for more information and instructions on how to verify that you reside in California.  If you continue to take online courses only, you must verify that you live in California each semester.


(Formerly known as the Board Of Governors Fee Waiver or BOG)


The BOG is now called the Promise Grant. The Promise Grant pays for some or all of your mandatory fees:  Enrollment Fee (currently $46/unit), Health Fee, Student Center Construction Fee, and the Student Representative Fee.  If you are awarded the Promise Grant before you enroll in your classes, the fees that you are eligible to have waived will be waived automatically.  If you pay for your fees and receive a Promise Grant afterwards, you may be eligible for a refund which you can pick up at the Cashier’s window at the Student Services Center or it will eventually disbursed to you via credit back to your credit card if you a credit card to pay for the fees, direct deposit, Vibe Account, or mail.  You must also meet minimum academic and progress standards to maintain eligibility for the Promise Grant. For more information, go to the Cuyamaca Promise Grant page.




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