Cost of Attendance


Student Cost of Attendance 2022-2023

Housing Status Living with Parent(s) Living away from Parent(s)
Fees* $1,342 $1,342
Books and Supplies $1,750 $1,750
Food and Housing $8,900 $17,500
Personal Expenses $3,000 $,3,300
Transportation $1,200 $1,200
TOTAL $16,192 $25,092


NOTE: These are estimated costs and are subject to change. Your actual cost may vary.



    • Assumes 14 units per term at $46 per unit
    • Includes mandatory fees (Health, Student Representation, Student Center Construction). Fee amounts are posted in the class schedule
    • Out-of-State-Tuition, add $304 per unit

Other fees:

Parking permit:

— Auto: $40 per semester**

– $20 per semester if you have a Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG) that same semester

– Motorcycle: $20 per semester

— Student benefit sticker: $20 per semester

— Various class fees (such as supplies or materials): See class schedule for amounts

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