Scholarships Process:

Each of the ❝BOXED STEPS❞ 1-3 below  contains information on each part of the scholarship process, review each step to learn a scholarship skill.  The ❝Other Helpful Tools❞ are available to guide you through other types of scholarship challenges sponsors may require.  Review this information as well.  Success in your scholarship effort can benefit you by contacting your Scholarship Specialist for more assistance.

Follow the PRINCIPLE: 

Be part of the 10 - 15% who are ❝IN❞ every scholarship competition....... NOT just completing an application.



  Step 1: How to Complete a Paper/PDF and Electronic Application.



Completing Scholarship Applications:


There are various types of applications, it is important that you FOCUS on the application type you are completing and ensure all the required information is included.  Some applications are more complicated than others, being part of the 10 - 15% who are ❝IN❞ every scholarship competition is up to YOU,  to optimize your chances make sure you review your application before you submit your application


If you have any questions about your application contact the Scholarship Specialist.


Scholarship Applications Process:


Complete Online Applications


  Take your time entering  ❝All Information❞

  Ensure ALL numbers are entered correctly ❝Like Beginning ZERO'S❞ in ❝Student ID Numbers❞

  Enter dates exactly the way the system prompts.

  ❝Double Check❞ all information for spelling punctuation, format, and clarity ❝BEFORE❞ you submit your application on any online application website, this includes ❝AcademicWorks❞ 

  Keep track of your ❝Username and Password❞ as they may be used multiple times to edit the online application.

  Follow ❝Examples❞ when provided or use proper ❝Writting Standards❞ otherwise, never guess or do less than your best.


Complete Paper and PDF Applications


  Print each new blank scholarship application

  Read and follow ALL instructions/highlight the important points on the application

  Hand fill-in a rough draft application

  DO NOT turn in a handwritten applications

  DO NOT complete applications in all ❝UPPERCASE❞ or ❝lowercase❞ unless sponsors specifically DIRECT 

  Fill out the final application and ensure you have spell and grammar checked before printing, saving, and/or mailing.

  Follow ❝Examples❞ when provided or use proper ❝Writing Standards❞ otherwise, never guess or do less than your best.

  Print application on white paper with a new cartridge, make (2 Copies) 1 - To send to Sponsor & 1 - To SAVE as Reference

  Sign and Date the Application

Online Application Example - ❝AcademicWorks❞


  Step 2: How to Complete Personal Statement/Essay



Tips To Write your Personal Statement/Essay


The Personal Statement and/or Essay are two ways sponsors have for you answer their question or questions. How you answer their questions is the key to having success, being part of the 10 - 15% who are ❝IN❞ every scholarship competition, is up to YOU.  To optimize your chances, follow the tips below and ask for help from the Scholarship Specialist .


Scholarship Statement Process:


  Read and follow ALL Personal Statement Instructions/Essay

  Review the sponsor's scholarship webpage information completely

  Use the ❝Breakdown Essay Guide  to ensure you understand the question and/or the sponsor's website information

  KNOW THE DETAILS,  not knowing means you ❝DONOT❞ want the scholarship.....PERIOD!!!

   Answer each question completely/use examples to support your answer

  Check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, flow, and readability checks on all papers

  Make sure the personal statement/essay conforms to the sponsor’s requirements

  Use the ❝Scholarship Essay Writing Resource web page for assistance

   ALWAYS have your personal statement/essay proof read by  your Scholarship Specialist, Professor, or Counselor 

  Print on regular white paper Use a New print cartridge. Save a copy of the final draft w/ Q's on computer.

  Sign and Date the Personal Statement/Essay



  Step 3: How to Request Strong Reference Letters


Get YOUR Reference Letter


Get a Great Reference Letter!  Your Reference Letter is not built ONLY on your Academic Studies or your Work Skills


It is built on much more!


Great References Letters are written about YOU as the PERSON you are, and a little to include some of your academics studies or work skills if your sponsor stats they want those facts.  If the Reference Letter/Recommendation Letter is not a clear representation of who you are it should not be used.  To eliminate poor outcomes provide background information to those writing your reference letter and be part of the 10 - 15% who are ❝IN❞ every scholarship competition, it is up to YOU.  Optimize your chances, follow the process below and if you need help with the process or getting Reference Letters contact your Scholarship Specialist .


How To Get YOUR Reference Letter:


  Read ALL application instructions, the sponsor may state what type and number of reference letters they require*

  Let the reference know it is best to write a General Reference Letter if no SPECIFIC type is known.

  Provide the reference with some general background information to assist them in writing your reference letter.  Using your major, hobbies, interests, challenges you have faced/overcome, or goals as input (no more than one paragraph, in 5 - 8 sentences) for your Reference Letter.  See an EXAMPLE of two General Reference Letters alternatly see  Exanples of  two Academic Scholarships Referenc Letters ONLY.

  Cuyamaca College Faculty Letterhead paper  AVAILABLE HERE for Cuyamaca College FacultyONLY.❞

  Give each reference a ❝Thank You❞ card for their reference letter.

  Use only those reference letters that clearly speak well of you; reference letters may be used for 9 – 12 months.

  The reference Should Not seal the letter in an envelop.

  Some people are not comfortable writing  Reference Letters,  they DO NOT❞ have to write a reference letter, say Thank you and move on.

  Read your Reference Letters and send ONLY the best and number of Reference Letters requested by the sponsor.


* Note: If a sponsor does not indicate what type of reference letter is required, (General, Academic, or Major Specific...etc.) it is best to write a "General Reference Letter" that gives the best overall image of YOU. 




Document and Papers for use or Reprint


Document Listing

●  Breakdown Essay Guide

●  Examples of two General Reference Letters

●  Exanples of two Academic Scholarships Referenc Letters

●  Cuyamaca College Faculty Letterhead paper AVAILABLE HERE 


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For further assistance and guidance in applying for scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Office.  We are located in the Financial Aid Office (Building A300) at the Student Services Center.  To make an appointment please email your Cuyamaca College Scholarship Specialist Provide your Student ID number and the best date and time that you are available.  Walk-in appointments are welcome.

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