Transfer Scholarship Process


CONGRATULATIONS, it is great that you are transferring to a university. 


University Transfer Questions

Can you say YES to EACH of the following question:


  1. Are you financially ready to transfer?
    • If you are HONEST and the answer is ❝NO❞ then you need to talk to the Cuyamaca College SCHOLARSHIP SPECIALIST. 
    •  Make an appointment ONE academic year before you transfer. Waiting till your Last semester IS NOT OPTIMAL!
  2. Do YOU know what transfer scholarships are?
    • YES or NO
  3. Can you FIND scholarships where you are transferring?
    • YES - NO - or Do they even have scholarships?
  4. Are you part of the 10 - 15% who are READY for those limited scholarship funds?
  5. Are you tansferring to ❝Competitive Scholarships❞ university?

Learn how to find ❝Transfer Scholarships❞ before they are gone and you are trying to pay for your first semester.



The Basic Path to Transfer Scholarship

  1. Learn How to Apply for Scholarships

  2. Use the ❝Scholarship Links & Resources❞ at least 6 mo. before your transfer to understand alternate resources.

  3.  University basic campus Transfer Scholarship Diagram shows resource possibilities

  4. University's Financial Aid/Transfer Students Scholarships web page - ❝MAY❞ be available to transfer students, this type of web page is usually limited to general scholarship resources.   
    • Specific College web pages - May have scholarships by the specific college and the areas of study. This includes notifications on Blackboard or other Learning Management Systems by the university.
    • Specific Departments - May have their own websites  as well with specific scholarships for their discipline. These department can have bulletin boards that provide short-term scholarship information.
    • Alumni web pages- Establish scholarships throughout many universities including their colleges or department's.  Some universities have independent ❝Alumni Website❞ that support all ALUMNI interest including scholarships. 


University Scholarship for Transfer


To our transfer students, the universities listed below are those most commonly attended by our student.  Each link is connected to that universit's basic Transfer Scholarship or Scholarship Resource,❞ not all universities have a specific  Transfer Scholarship❞ web page 
 If you have been accepted to attend a university that  is not listed below please contact Ernest Williams for assistance and to  updated the list.


ucsd-trident   California State University San Marcos Transfer Scholarships


ucsd-trident   National University of San Diego Transfer Scholarships


ucsd-trident Point Loma Nazarene University Transfer Scholarships


sdsu-logo  San Diego State University Transfer Scholarships


ucsd-trident  University of California San Diego Transfer Scholarships




DEADLINE: April 18, 2022

Upper Division Scholarship - Available

Assistance League of Greater San Diego offers funding for scholarships FULL-TIME students who are transitioning from a community college to an accredited four-year college, attending  or university in the United State or are continuing as a junior in a  Community College that offers a Bachelors Programs.

AL Application Guidelines and Procedures- Please Review 
Assistance League Scholarship Help is Highly Recommended Schedule a Zoom Meeting

NOTE: A Complete list of universities and colleges is available

Contact Us

For further assistance and guidance in applying for scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Office. We are located in the Financial Aid Office (Building 300) at the Student Services Center. To make an appointment please email or call (619) 660-4537 provide  your Student ID number, please provide your best date and time that you are available.  Walk-in appointments are welcome.


Ernest Williams
Scholarship Specialist
Financial Aid Office
(619) 660-4537


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