ASGCC Elections


Be a part of democracy at Cuyamaca College!


What is ASGCC?

The Associated Student Government of Cuyamaca College (ASGCC) is an elected association that promotes the following objectives:

  • To serve as an active student voice in the operation of the college, including both shared governance and the management of student activities.
  • To provide an opportunity for leadership experience and training for students.
  • To enhance, wherever possible, the general excellence of the college, uniting the interests of all persons - faculty, administration, local residents and students.


Who Can Vote?

All students that are taking classes at Cuyamaca College in Spring Semester 2023 may vote in this special election. Your student fees provide you with the opportunity to help choose your representatives in ASGCC.



President Candidates


Jose Arredondo



As an applicant for the position of president of the Associates Student Government
(ASG) at Cuyamaca College, I’m excited to share the qualities and experiences I believe make
me a strong candidate for this mentioned role. Throughout my academic years, I have been
involved in leadership roles, such as being president of the Secret Coyote Society Club, taking
on the role of ASG senator, and proudly being captain of the 2022 cross country team. I believe
communication is an imperative skill that enables any organization to be successful. I possess
strong communicative skills, which I have learned throughout my time in school. In my role as
president, I will practice this skill to better our school. I’m a great advocate of teamwork, and I
will implement my belief that teamwork makes the dream work as my motto in everything I do.



Claudette Clark



I am entering my name as consideration for the position of President for the ASGCC because I believe that I can encourage further involvement and awareness for Cuyamaca student body in positive and productive manner. I have served the ASGCC as the interim Vice-President of Equity and Inclusion, and Senator.


On my personal journey I often walk several marginal intersections, female, A-A, Queer, student, and over 50. My background includes serving with the Outreach Center on campus, research Board Diversity Coordinator, homeless outreach advocate and I enjoy playing, performing and teaching music.


I believe it is important to be a spokesperson and visible to others so they can see an opportunity for their journey and I have strived to always bring meaningful opportunities where I serve. I believe it is important work to serve people/students who might experience some form of injustice or exclusion: and to be able to offer them representation; while sharing the needs of the students I represent.


Thank you for your consideration.

Claudette Clark, ASGCC Student



Manuel Juarez-Lopez



My journey through higher education has been one of many hardships I have had to overcome. I am not only a first-generation college student but a first-generation immigrant. As I was learning the system, I was learning the language whilst teaching my parents and my siblings. Because of my background, I am very familiar with the struggles many of our students face and I am prepared to become a voice that uplifts theirs. Cuyamaca College opened its arms to me and has become a community in which I now have roots through my many roles. I am a full-time student, an athlete, a peer mentor, and an ASG senator. My many roles have allowed me to help guide fellow non-traditional students through their academic journey. I have been honored to be part of many committees and events in which I have proudly represented my college and our diverse student population. My passion and appreciation for higher learning have fueled my need to give back to my community and I cannot think of a better way that I could serve than by becoming the next ASG President.



Christopher Kazanchi



As someone who is deeply passionate about serving the community and fostering growth, I am excited to announce my candidacy for President of the Associated Student Government of Cuyamaca College (ASGCC). With a unique blend of experience, dedication, and vision, I am committed to making a positive impact on your college experience by improving campus facilities, increasing support services for students, and making our college inclusive for all.


While I currently serve as a Grant Administrator for the County of San Diego, where I engage in problem-solving and community support, my primary focus is you—the students of Cuyamaca College. I understand the role of a leader is to listen, advocate, and create solutions that make your life easier and more fulfilling.


As a first-generation Arab-American, I am proud of the diverse demographic background represented at Cuyamaca College. But diversity should be more than just a buzzword—it should be about inclusion and participation. I am committed to creating an environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued.


Raised in East County, my roots lie within this community. I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with being a student here. With a strong focus on excellence, adaptability, and attention to detail, I aim to make your life as a student easier.


Whether it's enhancing campus facilities, better support services, or fostering a more inclusive community, my commitment is to you. Let's build a more vibrant, inclusive, and effective Cuyamaca College together.


I ask for your support while I pledge to work tirelessly to bring meaningful, positive change to Cuyamaca College.



Christopher Kazanchi


بصفتي شخصًا يتمتع بشغف عميق لخدمة المجتمع وتعزيز النمو، يسرني أن أعلن ترشحي لرئاسة الحكومة الطلابية المرتبطة بكلية كوياماكا.أقدم مزيجًا فريدًا من الخبرة، والتفرغ، والرؤية التي ستكون لها تأثير إيجابي على مجتمع كليتنا


استنادًا إلى خلفيتي المهنية في وظيفة مسؤول المنح لمقاطعة سان دييغو، أنا مؤهل جيدًا للتعامل مع القضايا المعقدة. في دوري الحالي، أعمل عن كثب مع سكان المجتمع، استمع إلى مخاوفهم وأجد الحلول. وقد صقل ذلك مهاراتي في حل المشكلات والتواصل الفعّال، وهما مهارتان أساسيتان لتمثيل اهتماماتكم في كلية كوياماكا


باعتباري عراقيًا من الجيل الأول، فإنني فخور بالخلفية الديموغرافية المتنوعة إلى حد كبير الممثلة في كلية كوياماكا. ولكن ينبغي أن يكون التنوع أكثر من مجرد كلمة طنانة - بل ينبغي أن يكون متعلقًا بالشمول والمشاركة. أنا ملتزم بخلق بيئة يتم فيها سماع صوت الجميع وتقديره


لقد ترعرعت في ايست كاونتي ، جذوري تقع ضمن هذا المجتمع. أفهم التحديات والفرص التي تأتي مع كونك طالبًا هنا. مع التركيز الشديد على التميز، والقدرة على التكيف، والاهتمام بالتفاصيل، أهدف إلى تسهيل حياتك كطالب. سواء كان ذلك من خلال تحسين مرافق الحرم الجامعي، أو خدمات الدعم الأفضل، أو الأنشطة الأكثر شمولية، أولويتي هي نجاحك و رفاهيتك


معًا, حكومة طلابية مرتبطة بكلية كوياماكا نشطة، شاملة، وفعّالة. أطلب دعمكم في هذا السعي وأعدكم بالعمل بلا كلل لإحداث تغيير معنوي في كلية كوياماكا ومجتمعها.


مع خالص تمنياتي,

كريستوفر قزانجي


Executive Vice President Candidates


Pascal Bethany



As ASG’s Executive Vice President, I bring to the table new opportunities, ideas, and strategies to enhance the quality of student engagement for all students. I not only represent, but serve the community from which I came and am an active participant and advocate for student life and community development. My priority lies not only with student support and activity, but with their individuality and commitment to be integral parts of the community as people who can contribute and express themselves personally and with authority.



Asal Hindy



I volunteered at Jamacha elementary school for 260 hours and 2 hours at Noah homes. In Jamacha elementary school, I helped my teacher from 5th grade by grading students' homework, tests, organizing, helping students with their homework, etc. In Noah homes, I communicated with residents and participated in events. I am very patient, funny, organized, helpful, resourceful, independent, leader, team worker, good at communicating with people, and empathic. Also, I Volunteered in the office by answering phone calls and printing papers. I work in Cuyamaca care in the coyote den in the main office.


Director of Activities Candidate


Jacqueline Rico



As a member of ASGCC, I will bring in perspective and action toward creating a greater sense of community and belonging for every student. I am interested in many topics, which allows me to not be afraid of being a beginner when it comes to endeavors that I am not familiar with. My ability to understand specific environments and the people within allows me to ground the group/team and bring them to a consensus in case a conflict arises. Although the two are distinct situations, both highlight my drive to overcome any type of problem and find its solution. I'd be applying these qualities of mine to ensure that everyone in ASGCC works as a team with the interest of students at hand





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