What is Cuyamaca Association of Paralegal Students?


The Cuyamaca Association of Paralegal Students was created by a group of Paralegal Studies majors who wanted to contribute to their education as well as benefit from it. Collectively, they wished to assist in the development and growth of the program and to provide learning agendas beyond the classroom.


What is the Association's purpose?


The Association has adopted three missions of equal importance.


The first and foremost of these is the enhancement of the quality and extent of the professional training, legal education, and personal growth opportunities available to all students of Paralegal Studies program at Cuyamaca College.


The second is to contribute, in whatever manner called for, to the retention of the American Bar Association's approval and certification of the Paralegal Studies Program at Cuyamaca College.


The third is the development of the Paralegal Studies program as an attraction to growing numbers of quality students, making the program a contributor to expansion and growth to the mutual benefit of the program and of Cuyamaca College.