Teresa Greenhalgh
Program Coordinator
Phone: (619) 660-4219

STEM Guided Pathway Program


Program Description

Are you a hard-working STEM major that would like to be part of an exciting new program? Or just deciding that you want to major in STEM and feel like you need more support? Interested in exploring a potential career in biotech, engineering, or a medical field?


The STEM Guided Pathway Program is supported by grant funding from the Department of Education. Through this program we offer STEM majors specialized academic counseling, the opportunity to attend lots of STEM events, workshops, field trips, games and extra tutoring.


Each student chosen to be part of the program meets monthly with his or her own faculty and peer mentor, receives early registration privileges, and may qualify to take part in a specialized summer research experience funded by the grant, along with many other opportunities.


Funding for this program extends through to 2021! If you are interested in becoming a cohort student in the STEM Guided Pathway Program, click “How to Join” on the sidebar above or visit H-126 (office of Teresa Greenhalgh) at back of the STEM Center to find information and applications for the program.


*STEM disciplines include Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Earth Science, Computer Science, Math, Astronomy and related disciplines.


This program is made possible by funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Hispanic-Serving Institutions Division, Title III Grant Award #P031S160149. 

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