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ESL 119 Syllabus

ESL 119 – Composition for College

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Lyn Neylon

OFFICE:        B355    619-660-4241   Office Hours on door



ROOMS:        M 2:00-4:50 Rm B159

                     W 2:00-3:50 Rm B159 & 4:00-4:50 B154 LAB

TEXTS:         [1] Great Writing 5: From Great Essays to Research, 3rd Edition
                     by Keith Folse and Tison Pugh

                     [2] Persuasion by Jane Austen

Catalog Description

Fifth core course in the study of English reading, writing and grammar to prepare ESL students for entry into English 120. Students will practice the writing process by composing essays with effective and accurate expression and will develop academic literacy by employing advanced techniques of essay and research writing with an emphasis on critical thinking, argumentation or other rhetorical strategies, synthesis of research materials, and academic citation. Includes effective strategies for reducing errors in grammar, punctuation and usage, and developing self-editing skills. Software/Internet-based modules are designed to reinforce and develop the reading, writing, grammar and research skills introduced in class.


“C” grade or higher or “Pass” in ESL 106 or equivalent or assessment

Student Learning Outcomes

Students having successfully completed this course will be able to:

1)      Produce a successful essay citing sources in MLA Format. The measure of success for this essay will be the clarity of thesis, the appropriateness of support including citations, the ample use of appropriate transitions, and the logic and clarity of a relevant conclusion.

2)      Produce a college-level essay relatively free (less than three errors per 250 words) of grammatical and syntactic flaws.

GRADING:           Students will be graded on a point scale.                    

4 Quizzes                                 (25 pts each)               =          100
Essay 1 at home                       (20 points)                   =          20
Essay 1 In-Class                      (40 points)                    =          40
Essay 2 at home                       (30 points)                   =          30
Essay 2 In-Class                      (60 points)                    =          60
Essay 3 at home                       (40 points)                   =          40
Essay 3 In-Class                      (80 points)                    =          80
Peer Reviews                           (10 Points)                    =          30
Homework / Journals                                                   =          20

                                                  TOTAL POINTS          =          420                            

                        A = 90-100 % or 378-420 points          Excellent work             A
                        B = 80-89 %   or 336-419 points         Superior work              B
                        C = 70-79 %   or 294-335 points         Good / Average work    C
                        D = 60-69 %   or 252-293 points         Poor work                    D
                        F = 0 - 59 %   or 0 - 251 points           Fail                              F

Expectations  ESL 119

 Class Materials: You must bring your book, paper, and pencils/pens to class each day as we often write in class. I suggest you bring a dictionary, but this is optional.

Attendance Policy: Much of the writing is done in class – you need to be here!!! If you are more than 10 minutes late or cut class at the break without excuse, it will be counted as a TARDY.  2 Tardies = 1 absence. Once you have 4 absences, you will be dropped [NO EXCEPTIONS]. 

Quizzes: You will take 4 quizzes based on the chapters and handouts we cover in class. There are no make-up quizzes! If there is a problem, you must notify the teacher 1 week before the quiz is given.

At Home Essays: There are 3 at home essays. In class, we utilize the writing process to create complete essays with clear introductions, detailed bodies, and solid conclusions. You will have an opportunity to work on these essays at home, take them to the Writing Center for assistance, and get feedback from peers and your instructor before you turn in the final draft.

In-Class Essays: Each in-class essay will utilize the same rhetorical mode of the previous at home essay. The goal is show how well you can complete the writing process while in a test situation.  For each in-class essay, you will choose one of two topics presented and complete a pre-write, outline, and essay draft. These assignments test your knowledge of essay and sentence structure as well as preparing you for college essay exams in content classes as well as the writing placement exams given at 4 year colleges.

Peer Reviews: Bring 3 copies of your final draft of the at home essay to class. In groups, you will read and make comments on everyone’s work in your group. This will help you practice your editing skills, allow you to see others’ work, and get help from peers to improve your work. You are also required to meet with your instructor after the peer review session to review your paper before you turn it in for a grade.

Journals: We use journals in this class to practice writing on essay topics. Some will be done at home and some will be done in class. The more you practice writing essays, the better you will write essays!

Homework:  You are expected to give or show your homework to the teacher on the date due. Late work is not accepted! Homework is due at beginning of class written on a separate piece of paper. You will turn in your homework as you enter the classroom. Make sure your name, page numbers and exercise numbers are written on your paper. In case of absence, call a classmate, learn what you missed, and maybe s/he can drop your homework off for you if you cannot attend class.

Student Name                                                                          Telephone #


Student Name                                                                          Telephone #

Writing Center (B-167, 660-4463)
To help you succeed in this class, sign up for Supervised Writing tutoring at the Writing Center.  All tutoring sections are FREE.  Tutors can assist you in analyzing sentence and paragraph structure to improve your overall writing skills, and your grade!


Zero tolerance policy for cheating or plagiarism! 

According to the Cuyamaca College Catalog, Student Code of Conduct, Academic Dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarizing, is grounds for instructional and administrative sanctions. That means that if you present the words (even three or more in a row), ideas, or work of someone else as your own, or if you have your work heavily rewritten by someone else and turn it in as your own, your instructor has the right to fail the assignment. The same is true if you are seen or otherwise caught cheating on a quiz, exam or other non-collaborative assignment.   In addition to whatever penalty the instructor applies to your graded work, he/she will report your misconduct to the Department Chair, the Instructional Dean and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. The Associated Dean of Student Affairs will keep a master list of cases of student misconduct. Any student who is reported to have cheated or plagiarized twice will be called in for a meeting with that dean. It will be up to the dean's discretion to determine what action to take, but students may be SUSPENDED FROM THE COLLEGE OR PERMANENTLY EXPELLED for repeated acts of cheating or plagiarism. Please feel free to consult the college catalog for further information or visit

Students with disabilities who may need academic accommodations should discuss options with their instructors during the first two weeks of class.  It is also recommended that you contact Disabled Students’ Programs & Services (DSP&S) in A-114.  You may also call DSP&S at 660-4576 to schedule an appointment.

This course adheres to the policies and procedures listed in the college catalog.

Calendar - Subject to change

Day   Date Class Focus

M       1/25   Introduction to class, what is plagiarism, succeeding in a foreign 
W      1/27   Structure of the Essay, introduction to the lab

M       2/1    More on Essay Structure, Sentence types
W      2/3    Using the Writing Process, Lab

M       2/8    More on the writing process and common sentence errors
W      2/10   Review Units 1 & 2, Begin pre-writing at Home Essay #1 in Lab

M       2/15      HOLIDAY
W      2/17      Quiz #1, Work on Outlining Essay #1 in Lab  

M      2/22    Review Exam, Process Essays
W      2/24     Continue Process Essays, Work on Drafting Essay #1 in Lab

M      2/29    More sentence problems, Peer Review Essay #1
W     3/2     Student/Teacher Meetings Essay #1

M      3/7     Essay #1 due to Blackboard before class begins, whole class 
                      grading, prep for in-class Essay 1
W     3/9     In Class Essay #1

M      3/14     Comparison Essays and tricky prepositions
W      3/16    More on Comparison Essays,  prewriting and outlining At Home 
                      Essay #2 in Lab


M       3/28  Word parts and vocabulary, drafting Essay #2
W       3/30  Review for Quiz #2 – Peer Review Essay #2 in Lab

M        4/4  Quiz #2 and Student/Teacher Meetings
W        4/6  At Home Essay #2 due before class begins to Blackboard /
           Review quiz, whole class grading / prep for in-class Essay 2 in Lab

M        4/11  In-Class Essay 2, Begin Reading Persuasion
W        4/13 What is a Research Paper?, Persuasion Chapter 1-3 in Lab

M         4/17 More on Research papers - Persuasion Chapters 4-7
W        4/20 Library Research Day - orientation

M          4/25 Persuasion Chapters 8-12, prep for Quiz 3
W          4/27 Quiz #3, More on Research Papers, lab

M          5/2 Review quiz, Persuasion Chapters 13-18
W          5/4 Persuasion Chapters 19-24, Prewriting and outlining Essay #3, lab

M           5/9 Drafting Essay #3, incorporating research
W           5/11  Working on final draft Essay #3, peer review, Lab

M          5/16 At Home Essay #3 due to Blackboard before class begins, whole 
                       class grading

W          5/18  Quiz #4, prep for In-Class Essay 3 , lab

FINAL EXAM 5/23 2pm IN-CLASS Essay #3

Enjoy the

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