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ESL 96 Syllabus Fall 2016

ESL 96 - English as a Second Language I

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Lyn Neylon

OFFICE:    B-355    619-660-4241   Office Hours posted on door


Monday 9:30am 11:20am F-407
Monday 11:30am 12:20pm B-270
Wednesday 9:30 12:20pm F-407

Grammar Explorer 1 by Daphne Mackey
Great Writing 1 – 4th  Ed 

Catalog Description

First core course in the study of English reading, writing and grammar for students whose first language is other than English. Includes basic reading, paragraph organization and format, grammar, and sentence structure. Software is utilized to reinforce reading, writing and grammar skills introduced in class. Pass/No Pass only. Non-degree applicable.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1)       Write positive, negative, and interrogative sentences using the simple tenses (simple 
          present, simple past, simple future).
2)       Write compound sentences using the most basic clause connectors (and, or, but).
3)       Write a basic paragraph that develops one idea using a topic sentence, supporting
          sentences, and a concluding sentence.
4)       Apply rules of usage for the grammar and morphology outlined in the curriculum in
          structured situations.

ACTIVITIES:     Class activities will consist of the following:

oral exercises                 group discussions            small group work
listening exercises          individual work                grammar
cloze exercises               pronunciation                   writing practice
vocabulary                       role-plays                        English functions            

GRADING:  Students will be graded on a point scale

3 exams @ 30 points each                  90 pts
Final exam                                        60 pts
4 paragraphs @ 15 points each           60 pts
Homework                                         20 pts

                                                        230 pts total

161-230 Pass - you are ready to continue to the next level
0-160 NO Pass - you need to re-take this level

Expectations  ESL 96

Attendance: Being in class is very important because some assignments will not come from your book. Students who attend class regularly, answer questions, work in groups, and come prepared (always bring your books, paper, and pen or pencil)   may receive bonus points towards their grade. If you are late arriving to class by more than 15 minutes, it will count as a tardy. 2 tardies = 1 absence. If you are absent for more than 4 days, you will be dropped!!!

Homework:  Most homework comes from Grammar Explorer or the handbook. You are expected to give or show your homework to the teacher on the date due. Late work is not accepted! You must find out about homework and turn it in on time even if you are not in class. To help you do this, call another student when you are absent.


Student Name                                                                          Telephone #


Student Name                                                                          Telephone #

Quizzes/Tests: There are no make-up quizzes or tests! If there is a problem, you must notify the teacher 1 week before the test is given. Quizzes/tests may consist of multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, true/false questions, complete sentences and short paragraphs.

Paragraphs: You will be writing 4 paragraphs this semester. You will first answer questions in the Great Writing textbook and then take those sentences and write or type them into paragraphs with good grammar and appropriate structure.

Writing Center (B-167, 660-4463)
To help you succeed in this class, sign up for Supervised Writing tutoring at the Writing Center.  All tutoring sections are FREE.  Tutors can assist you in analyzing sentence and paragraph structure to improve your overall writing skills, and your grade!


A zero tolerance policy for cheating or plagiarism! 

According to the Cuyamaca College Catalog, Student Code of Conduct, Academic Dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarizing, is grounds for instructional and administrative sanctions. That means that if you present the words (even three or more in a row), ideas, or work of someone else as your own, or if you have your work heavily rewritten by someone else and turn it in as your own, your instructor has the right to fail the assignment. The same is true if you are seen or otherwise caught cheating on a quiz, exam or other non-collaborative assignment.   In addition to whatever penalty the instructor applies to your graded work, he/she will report your misconduct to the Department Chair, the Instructional Dean and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. The Associated Dean of Student Affairs will keep a master list of cases of student misconduct. Any student who is reported to have cheated or plagiarized twice will be called in for a meeting with that dean. It will be up to the dean's discretion to determine what action to take, but students may be SUSPENDED FROM THE COLLEGE OR PERMANENTLY EXPELLED for repeated acts of cheating or plagiarism. Please feel free to consult the college catalog for further information or visit

Students with disabilities who may need academic accommodations should discuss options with their instructors during the first two weeks of class.  It is also recommended that you contact Disabled Students’ Programs & Services (DSP&S) in A-114.  You may also call DSP&S at 660-4576 to schedule an appointment.

This course adheres to the policies and procedures listed in the college catalog.

ESL 96 – Calendar subject to change

Day   Date Class Focus

M       8/22   Introduction to class & campus,   & Introduction to Computer Lab
W      8/24  Understanding sentences, Verb "Be"  [unit 1 1&2]

M       8/29    Adjectives and possessives [unit 1 lesson 3&4], Computer Lab
W      8/31   Verb "Be" questions & Prepositions [unit 2 lesson 1&2], Sentence Writing

M      9/5 Holiday!   
W      9/7   More Questions plus this/that/these/those [unit 2 lesson 3&4], Begin Paragraph Writing

M       9/12     Review Units 1 & 2, Lab
W      9/14      Exam #1  

M       9/19    Review Exam, More on Paragraph Writing
W      9/21    Simple Present Tense - affirmative and negative sentences [unit 3 lesson 1&2]

M      9/26   Paragraph #1, lab
W     9/28   Verbs plus Objects & imperatives [unit 3 lesson 3&4] 

M     10/3    Simple present yes/no questions [unit 4 lesson 1], lab
W    10/5     Frequency adverbs, wh questions [unit 4 lesson 2&3]

M     10/10     Count & Non-count Nouns [unit 5 lesson 1], peer review paragraph #1 - Paragraph #1 due in LAB
W      10/12    Present Progressive [unit 7 lesson 1,2,3]

M      10/17  Practicing the Present progressive, Begin Paragraph #2 writing in the present tense, Lab
W      10/19  Review for Exam 

M        10/24  Exam #2
W        10/26  Review Exam, peer review for paragraph #2

M        10/31 Past Tense "Be" [unit 8 lesson 1&2], paragraph #2 due in lab
W        11/2 Simple past sentences and questions [unit 8 lesson 3&4], Begin Paragraph #3

M         11/7 Simple Past Questions [unit 9 lesson 1], lab
W        11/9 Past time clauses and past progr
essive [unit 9 lesson 2&3], peer review paragraph 3

M          11/14 Review for Exam, lab
W          11/16 Exam #3

M          11/21 Review exam, begin Modals [Unit 11 lesson 1], paragraph 3 due in lab
W          11/23 More Modals [unit 11 lesson2,3] , writing the perfect paragraph

M           11/28 Future Be+going to [unit 14 lesson 1], lab
W          11/30 Future Will [unit 14 lesson 2], prepping for final paragraph

M          12/5 Review for grammar exam, lab
W        12/7  Grammar Exam - present, past and future 

Last Updated: 08/17/2016
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