Math, English and ESL Placement Changes


The February 2022 issue of the CAPacity Gazette focuses on transformational remediation as a result of the implementation of AB 705. Cuyamaca College’s math, English, and ESL programs are featured for their success, but also to highlight the need for cross-campus collaboration. The report is available online.


The article illustrates the need for faculty, data professionals, and student services to work together to implement change that fundamentally serves students. By working together, the implementation work group addressed issues as they presented themselves and to support students while campus-systems were modified. Perhaps most importantly, the work group found that there is an ongoing need to analyze the systems and resolve issues.


As a result of the collaboration and student-first work of the faculty and staff, completion of transfer-level courses tripled between fall 2015 and fall 2019, increasing from 17% to 55% in math and from 24% to 72% in English. Working with outside experts on equity and inclusion to help build a shared understanding for equity-minded teaching resulted in equitable completion rates among Latinx and Black students.