Meet Abagail Wojnowski: Class of 2023

At just 17-years-old, Abagail Wojnowski is achieving two major milestones in June. Abagail is graduating from both Mt. Miguel High School with her high school diploma and from Cuyamaca College with her Associate’s Degree in History.


While attending Mt. Miguel, Abagail learned of dual enrollment, the option to be enrolled in both high school and college, through a program at her school called “Matador Early College.” Abagail began attending college classes online at Grossmont College and in-person at Cuyamaca College in 2019. She was 14-years-old.


In addition to being enrolled in both high school and college, Abagail was also a student athlete and involved in extracurricular activities. She served as the varsity captain of girl’s tennis, competed in track and field as a pole vaulter, powderpuff football, and participated in the academic decathlon at Mt. Miguel. As a self-proclaimed “procrastinator,” Abagail worked hard to stay on track while juggling such a full schedule.


Being so young in college classes, Abagail says she felt a little out of place at first. “It was definitely an adjustment,” said Abagail. Adjusting from the structure of high school to almost complete independence in college was a huge change for Abagail. But Cuyamaca College faculty members provided the support Abagail needed. In the first college class Abagail took, Dr. Marissa Salazar of the psychology department served as a guide. “She was really understanding and patient with me,” said Abagail. Professor Salazar took the time to direct Abagail to her classes, figure out her schedule, and understand the layout of the Cuyamaca College campus.


The sense of community and belonging is what Abagail says was her favorite part about her time at Cuyamaca. “The people you get to meet is the greatest thing,” said Abagail.


Abagail credits her time at Cuyamaca College for accelerating her journey in higher education. In the fall she will begin courses at U.C. Berkeley, where she will transfer with the equivalent credits of a junior. She will pursue her bachelor’s degree in International and Domestic Relations and Communications, with aspirations to also pursue her master’s degree from the University of Chicago.