April Holman

April Holman started working at Cuyamaca College three weeks before the COVID shutdown last March, but she has proven herself to be so integral to the campus that she has been honored with the President’s Outstanding Leadership and Service Award for Classified Professionals.


The Grossmont College alumna and administrative assistant to Vice President of Student Services Jessica Robinson is credited for helping the streamline the process to get $1.4 million in emergency aid to Cuyamaca students hard hit financially by the pandemic.


Robinson nominated Holman for the award, pointing to her leadership skills and expertise updating websites and sending communications to students that helped Student Services make the transition quickly to remote operations. “I can say without any reservations, April is the cornerstone to a successful Student Services transition from on-campus services to remote operations,” Robinson said. “Her commitment to students and to all Student Services employees has helped to make the transition easier.”


With more than 20 years of experience in administrative assistance, Holman credits the skills she learned at Grossmont College and her Executive Assistant, Paralegal and Management certificates for her professional success.


“I started my formal higher education many times but life often got in the way,” Holman said.


Holman recounts her own educational experience when helping students navigate the higher education system. “There are many rewards working in my position but what I find most rewarding is knowing what I do helps students and this is the reason I do what I do,” she said. “I have been a student, struggling through the confusing higher educational system and I always treat students the way I want to be treated.”