Education for a Lifetime


Cynthia Nunez is th epitome of "its never too late." Just before the pandemic, Nunez and one of her three daughters enrolled at Cuyamaca College together. 


"My goal was for them [her daughters] to see that 'yes, it can be done," said Nunez. "I will finish even if it takes me a long time and I wanted them to be inspired by that," said Nunez. 


Nunez was inspired to return to school through conversations with her coworkers. While pondering on the decision to return to school, she had to fight negative thoughts like "it'll take too long." As anxious as she was, Nunez decided to jump in and take the journey at her own pace. 


It hasn't been easy ans the pandemic made it even harder. After working all day, she would come home to challenging night courses online. Exhausted and feeling alone, Nunez continue to be inspired by her daughters. 


"I wanted to do this for myself. I wanted that accomplishment. And I wanted to show my daughters that you do not give up. Education is important... you do not give up," said Nunez. 


Nunez also attributes much of her success at Cuyamaca to the understanding and supportive professors. According to Nunez, Professor Tammi Marshall went above and beyond to ensure the success of her students. "I can call her; I can text her. She's just completely available. She's amazing," said Nunez. 


Having completed her associate's degree at Cuyamaca, Nunez is planning on a bachelor's in child development. Additionally, her daughters have been inspired by Nunez's dedication to her education. Her oldest daughter has recently completed her bachelor's degree, her middle daughter is a Cuyamaca and Grossmont student, and her youngest is academically advanced in her high school.