Prof. Josh Franco

Dr. Josh Franco

Political Science professor Josh Franco has been selected for an initial three-year term to serve on the Donald A. Strauss Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The Foundation encourages young leaders from 22 pre-selected California Colleges and Universities to undertake a high-impact project in public service or social change in their junior or senior year. Students are awarded $15,000 to support their education and cover expenses related to their service project.


Dr. Franco was a 2006 awardee. His project capitalized on the strategic partnership between the University of California, Merced and the Great Valley Center to establish a student-run organization, Students for the Central Valley. The organization’s vision was to engage, empower, and enlighten students about the Central Valley and inspire students to commit to public service in the Central Valley.


Currently, Dr. Franco is focused on encouraging more community college junior transfers to apply for the scholarship.