Manny Hadfield

Passion for Music and Community


As a infant, when Emmanuel Hadfield would cry and get fussy, his mother knew one sure-fire way to get him to calm down. Music. Specifically, classical music from Beethoven and Mozart would soothe a crying Hadfield. “That’s how I know that I’ve had this passion since I was a baby,” said Hadfield.


Growing up, Hadfield’s grandmother would often remind him that, “if you have something to share, you need to share it.” Thus, Hadfield sees the sharing his love of music as a responsibility.


With a deep passion for music, Hadfield needed the guidance to get on the right path. He found guidance at Cuyamaca College. “Every teacher I had, I felt like we had a deep connection,” said Hadfield. Those staff and faculty members saw a talented young musician in Hadfield and gave him the boost he needed to explore his passion.


The community he found at Cuyamaca College opened his eyes to a world of possibilities. “Feeling that support helps you continue that journey to whatever degree you want to pursue,” said Hadfield.


Hadfield has found friends within the music community at Cuyamaca College. He plays in a local band and plans to transfer to a four-year university to finish out his bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Coming from a family of educators, Hadfield is on a path to teach and share his love of music. He plans to teach music in public school and share the joy of music throughout the community.