Tribal and Urban Indian Community Relations


Cuyamaca College faculty member Stanley Rodriguez, Ed.D. joined Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley and student Marissa Hemstreet to discuss the California Community Colleges concerted effort to reach out to the State’s Tribal and Urban Indian populations. The 35-minute podcast focuses on raising awareness to the benefits of attending community college and available financial assistance to help cover the cost associated with education.


Dr. Rodriguez spoke about the density of reservations in San Diego County (more than any county in the nation -- 18 in San Diego County, 12 are Kumeyaay reservations in San Diego, 6 Kumeyaay reservations in Baja California), the support of Cuyamaca in reaching out to the native community, and mentoring students on- and off-reservation.


As a native speaker, Dr. Rodriguez was able to share with listeners the meaning of the word “Cuyamaca” and the importance of maintaining native languages.


Chancellor Oakley acknowledged the support and leadership of Dr. Barnes. The podcast is available online.