Veronica Corral, M.A.


Pathway Academy Coordinator


Phone: 619-660-4628


Welcome to Pathway Academy!!!

Pathway Academy is a two-year program designed to guide you during your freshmen and your second year at Cuyamaca College. Our program, will help you develop a clear academic pathway that will help you reach your educational goals in a timely fashion. With the guidance of the Pathway Academy team, you will create positive and meaningful relationships with program students, assigned mentors, counselors, and faculty to guide you through your educational journey at Cuyamaca College. As a Pathway student, you will have access to and receive the following program benefits:


1. Student Orientations

2. Participate in Summer Bridge Program

3. Managed Course Enrollment for 2020-2021 Fall and Spring Semesters

4. Access to Student Success Courses and Workshops

5. University Visits

6. Priority Registration

7. Peer Mentoring

8. Campus Resources such as free printing and tutoring

9. Assistance with transfer application or certificate completion.

10. Career exploration and job readiness skills


These are just a few of the program benefits you will enjoy as a Pathway Academy student. Your success is our goal and your enrollment into Pathway Academy will support that process every step of the way. If you have any questions about the program or college in general, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at


Due to the current implemented  safety and health measures of COVID 19, our Pathway Academy Virtual Office Hours are held via Zoom.

For more information and instructions, please feel free to email us at
Current Students:


If you are currently in the Pathway Academy Program, please contact  our Program Assistant Kendra Saucedo at to join our Pathway 101 Canvas shell.


Pathway Academy Virtual Office 






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