Veronica Corral, M.A. 
Pathway Academy Coordinator
Phone: 619-660-4628

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Jesus Galarza

GPS Mentor

Jesus is a 19 year old student, from Durango, Mexico. He is working towards a B.A. in mechanical engineering from San Diego State University or UC San Diego. He has a passion for creating and modifying objects.  In addition to his studies, Jesus enjoys things that involve music, cars, motorcycles and exploring. He is the first out of his family to reach higher education. Throughout his career and eventually as an engineer, he plans to help people achieve their goals and hopefully make a good contribution to our society.


Johannah Estrada

GPS Mentor

Johannah is a 19 year old in her second year at Cuyamaca College. She would like to transfer to a University of California in the fall of 2021 to work towards a bachelor degree in chemical engineering. Johannah enjoys going to the beach on her free time and going out to eat. She also has six siblings whom she likes to spend time with on her free time. This year she looks forward to working with the incoming freshmen as well as applying to internships in the chemistry field.


Natalia Sigala

GPS Mentor

Natalia Sigala is a Steele Canyon alumna and is currently a second year honors Cuyamaca student. She is working on obtaining her associates degree in Psychology to transfer to SDSU in fall 2020. Natalia enjoys spending time surrounded by the people she cares about and taking long trips with friends. She chose to major in psychology because she genuinely loves being able to interact with and help people.






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