Student Education Planning


Choosing the appropriate courses that fit your goals can be challenging. That is why is it very important to have access to the tools necessary to make well informed decisions.

  • Refer to the College Catalog  for Associate Degree General Education, major, graduation requirements, course descriptions, prerequisite information, and college policies and procedures.

  • ASSIST  is a web site that identifies major preparation course requirements for transfer to a CSU or UC.

  • If you plan to attend a private school, refer to the Transfer Center Independent/Private Colleges  web pages
  • Below are general education patterns that you should follow according to your goal:

Associate Degree General Education 2020-2021

California State University General Education 2020-2021

IGETC-Intersegmental General Ed Curriculum 2020-2021


During your first semester, we strongly encourage you to see a counselor to develop a comprehensive education plan. Visit Talk with a Counselor to schedule an appointment or submit your question.