Would you like to work with Children?

The child development curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment as:

  • Teachers
  • Directors in preschools and child care centers
  • Aides in preschools and child care centers

Infant/toddler care and Extended Day Facilities are included.

These courses are also appropriate for parents, nurses and administrators.


Earn an Associate in Science Degree

The Associate Degree in Child Development meets the educational requirements of the Regular Children's Center Instructional permits for:

  • Teacher
  • Master Teacher
  • Site Supervisor

Courses are designed to partially meet lower division course preparation for students planning a Bachelor's degree in Child Development at an institute of high learning.


Earn a Certificate of Achievement or Specialization

  • Infants and Toddlers - Certificate of Achievement
  • Preschool Children - Certificate of Achievement

Course work in these programs meets the educational components of the


Department of Social Services license regulations


for Title 22 and the requirements for


California Title V Child Development Permits.


State of the Art Education

The Child Development program incorporates emerging research and current philosophical frameworks into proven child development theories and practices.

Students get hands-on experience at all levels of their academic experience in our state-of-the-art Child Development Center (CDC).


The CDC serves as a primary component of our child development program as a dynamic and evolving model teaching facility. The center and programs are committed to creating indoor and outdoor environments that reflect a respect for nature, natural materials, and resources.



The true strength of our Child Development program lies in its diverse and experienced part-time faculty. Under the leadership of our program coordinator, the part-time faculty brings rich real world knowledge and perspective to our Child Development classes.

The faculty have enriched our program with their community-based early education experiences, including the:

  • Special Education Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Program Directors
  • Early Education Training Specialist
  • Elementary Education Teachers and Administrators 
  • And a wide variety of funded, non-profit, and faith-based early childhood and extended care programs.

Faculty Members: