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Accounting Degrees/Certificates Maps

How do I use a Degree Map?

This degree map is meant to provide you with course recommendations from the Political Science department, as well as ideas for how you can structure your class schedule each semester. To earn an Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer, a minimum of 60 transferable semester units of college work is required. This includes general education courses as well as the courses in your major. GE Area course options are available on the College’s General Ed Worksheets and in the College’s catalog under Degree Requirements.


Each course in the Degree Map is color coded by type

  • Degree Requirement (light blue)
  • General Education Area/Course Recommendation (beige)
  • Elective Course (white)

Meet with a Counselor

We strongly recommend you schedule a meeting with a counselor and create a personalized, comprehensive education plan.
If you are a student in CalWORKs, DSPS, EOPS, Pathway Academy, UMOJA, a Veteran etc., you should use the education plan you created with your counselor.

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