Dr. Cyrus Saghafi
Program Coordinator*
Phone: (619) 660-4243


Most CADD graduates go on to work in an office setting. Nearly half of all drafters work in architectural and engineering firms that design contract work. Others find jobs in a variety of manufacturing industries.

  • Architectural CADD Technician
  • CADD Technician for Civil Engineering
  • CADD Technician in Electronics
  • Mechanical CADD Technician
  • CADD Technician for Structural Engineering
  • Surveying CADD Technician
  • Aeronautical or Aerospace drafters
  • Pipeline drafters

Architectural drafters work with architects and designers in the preparation of drawings necessary to build a structure. Study of construction techniques and materials, as well as building codes are important to the education of an architectural drafter. Architectural drafters may specialize in an area such as residential architecture (homes), commercial architecture, or structural drafting.


Mechanical drafters work with mechanical engineers and designers to prepare detail and assembly drawings of a wide variety of machinery and mechanical devices. They may be involved in specifying design elements such as the types of fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws) needed to assemble the machine. Mechanical drafters are usually trained in engineering techniques as well as manufacturing theory and standards.


Aerospace drafters prepare engineering drawings detailing plans and specifications used in the manufacture of aircraft, and related parts.


Civil drafters prepare drawings and topographical and relief maps for construction or civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, and pipelines. Civil drafters may also work for Surveying companies creating site plans and layouts for new subdivisions.


Electrical drafters prepare wiring and layout diagrams used by workers who install and repair electrical equipment and wiring in electrical distribution systems, and buildings. Electronics drafters draw wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, schematics, and layout drawings used in the manufacture, installation, and repair of electronic devices and components.


Dr. Cyrus Saghafi


Phone: (619) 660-4243

Student Comments

I came to Cuyamaca College after trying ITT-TECH’S Construction Management Program. The CADD Technology Program at Cuyamaca uses the 2010 version of CADD as opposed to the earlier version used at ITT. With extremely thorough Instruction in instructor led lectures combined with hands-on experience, I’m learning the AutoCAD software in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Currently I’m taking the introductory 115 course as the first in a series of CADD classes and look forward to continuing my education here at Cuyamaca College. I am confident that through this program I will be efficient in the work place as well as in the Construction Management Program at SDSU. Thank you Cuyamaca College.

-Justin Haskins