English as Second Language


Tania Jabour, Ph.D.

Program Chair

Email: tania.jabour@gcccd.edu



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Welcome to English at Cuyamaca College! Our goal is to help you become a fully functional professional in any field that requires strong written and oral communication skills. English majors often transition into careers in business, law, teaching and public service. English courses go beyond grammar to offer the very skills that prospective employers look for in quality candidates: critical thinking, attention to detail, and effective communication. The study of English empowers students to express their ideas clearly and coherently, while also promoting a love of literature and a fascination with the human condition. If you have any questions during your educational journey with Cuyamaca, talk with one of our amazing faculty. We are here to help you achieve your goals!


Every student must meet an English composition requirement to earn a degree or transfer. The Cuyamaca College English department is a state-wide leader in basic skills English reform. The department has eliminated required  pre-college-level English prerequisites so that more students can reach their academic and professional goals in a timely manner. Instead, we offer a co-requisites model for students who need or want extra support in freshman English (English 120). We no longer offer traditional remediation. Please see a counselor or an English faculty member to discuss your options.



Students completing a major in English at Cuyamaca College will fulfill the lower division requirements for most four-year colleges and universities. But the study of English offers much more: it provides the foundation for a lifelong pleasure in understanding how language works to express human ideas and feelings. Graduates of the program will, among other things, be familiar with major British, American and world authors and literary movements.


The English Department at Cuyamaca College offers a diverse range of courses that stretch from College Composition & Reading to Introduction to Literature and also include Introduction to Film as Literature, Chicano/a Literature, Fantasy & Science Fiction and more. We also offer a variety of online courses, including College Composition & Reading, Advanced Composition and Introduction to Literature.




English majors have gone on to work in a variety of fields, including communications and publishing. In fact, however, English majors work in virtually every profession there is.


Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Writer & Author
  • Teacher
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Librarian
  • Editor
  • Paralegal
  • Interpreter & Translator
  • Freelance Writer
  • News Reporter
  • Announcer



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