Laurie LeBlanc Program Coordinator Email:
Phone: 619-660-4454


Kelly Laggner

Chemistry Technician
Phone: 619-660-4315
Office: H211 (Inside H213 Chemistry Stockroom)

Chemistry Stockroom Locker Fees

It is the responsibility of each chemistry student to check out of their lab locker no later than the scheduled locker check-out date on their class schedule; even if they drop the course or are dropped from the course. They are provided a set of glassware and equipment to use during the semester. It is expected that they will return the set in the condition given to them - clean and complete.


Failure to check out by the deadline and/or loss or breakage of their locker materials will result in being assessed a $10 lab fee.


Each semester, all students who fail to checkout by the appointed time on their syllabus will be assessed this fee. Their names are turned in to the


Cashier's Office



and a hold will be placed on their account until the fee has been paid in full.


Please pay the Cashier's Office all fees.


If you can't checkout of your locker during the scheduled timeframe on your syllabus, then you must schedule an appointment with your instructor or by emailing the Chemistry Technician,


Kelly Laggner.


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