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Chair/Program Coordinator

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Physics is the study of the universe. In order to understand physical phenomena from the very, very big (black holes, galaxies, cosmic microwave background radiation) to the very, very small (nanotechnology, atoms, quarks) and all the things in between (solid state devices like semiconductors, biophysics, etc) we create mathematical models to describe observed or predicted behavior and design experiments to make sure the math matches reality. 


Our courses are designed to provide a solid foundation in problem solving for all students, ranging from preparing students to transfer to a four-year in science or engineering to providing scientific literacy in general education classes. 



Our degrees are designed to give students a solid base in physics and/or to prepare them for transfer to a four-year institution. 



A degree in Physics offers a variety of


career choices. You can find physics majors in ALL kinds of professions—engineering, information technology, finance, writing, medicine, law, history, music, healthcare, and the list continues on and on. Check out the


career toolbox


for more information!


Full-time Faculty

Miriam Simpson
Scott Stambach
Glenn Thurman (Astronomy)


Part-time Faculty

Kevin Graves
Wyatt Crockett

Joseph Fedrow

Jerome Lambert

Jesse Roach

Anh Nguyen


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