Current International Students


Welcome all new international students starting their studies at Cuyamaca College for Fall 2020. This special web site for International Students is a tool to help you during your studies as an international student. It provides you with announcements and reminders as well as the most important rules, regulations, procedures, forms and information and is updated on a regular basis. Please take the time to check this information frequently for any updates or changes.


Welcome to Cuyamaca



  • For all of you that have traveled abroad during the winter, please remember to stop by my office with your passport, I-20 and I-94 card as soon as possible so that I can make copies for your file. Please make sure that I'm in the office and available before you come in by emailing me beforehand at 

  • If Spring 2023 will be your last semester at Cuyamaca College due to graduation, transfer to another institution or other reasons, please refer to the procedures listed below to make sure that you submit all necessary paperwork before the end of the second week of the spring semester and meet with your academic counselor.

  • If you have submitted a petition for post completion Optional Practical Training, please make an appointment with Vanessa Saenz for the week of May 15, 2023 to start the application process.


Important Reminder For All International Students

 As you know, this page is updated on a regular basis to keep all our international students updated on changes to rules, regulations and procedures. All necessary forms are also available on-line with direct links for you to print out, fill out and then submit. Please take time to get familiar with this information and check this website on a regular basis for updates and changes.


  • It is the students' responsibility to keep informed and to follow all rules, regulations and procedures listed below!

  • There is also an immigration website that has important information and links specifically for international students. You can access this website at 

  • For email or phone inquiries to the international student office staff, please remember to always mention your full name and student identification number! 

  • Please notify the International Student Admissions Office of any changes in address, phone number, email address, major or any other important personal information that are needed to keep SEVIS updated within 10 days of change occurrence!

We hope that you all were able to register for the classes that you need. If you have questions regarding your academic status, please email or call 619-660-4440, your designated counselor Donna Hajj to make an appointment right away to make sure that you are following your proper educational plan to reach your goal. If you have admissions or immigration questions, please make an appointment with Vanessa Saenz.

The International Student office staff wishes you all the best for your Spring 2023 semester!


Vanessa Saenz
International Student Specialist


Donna Hajj
International Counselor
(Please email to make an appointment)



The International Student Office

Having questions and concerns is part of the experience of attending any college in the United States. During your studies at Cuyamaca College, make it a habit to consult with the International Admissions/Immigration Advisor and the International Counselor. Both are available to help you throughout your educational experience at Cuyamaca College.


  • The International Admissions and Immigration Advisor, Vanessa Saenz, is located in the Admissions Office (G102) and is available Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.. Ms. Saenz's phone number is (619) 660-4565.

  • The International Counselor, Donna Hajj, is located in the Counseling Center. Ms. Hajj's email address is . Please don't hesitate to contact them with any question you may have or any problem you might want help in solving.


Counseling Services

The International Counselor is available to assist students experiencing difficulties with cultural adjustments, interpersonal conflicts, and academic or civil grievances. Please make an appointment by calling (619) 660-4440. If Donna Hajj is not available, then you can make an appointment to see any counselor to assist you by calling the main counseling center at 619-660-4448.