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The Cuyamaca College Counseling Center is located in the One Stop Student Services Complex. Cuyamaca College is staffed with professional counselors, trained to provide educational, career, occupational, and personal counseling. Those responsible for the counseling function attempt to create a climate and a structure in which each student has a maximum opportunity for self-fulfillment.


The Counseling Center staff recognizes that students can develop personal initiative and responsibility for planning their futures only to the extent that minister aptitude, interest, and personality tests. They will assist students in exploring their goals, values, career aspirations, and lifestyles. A series of personal development classes are offered to assist with this exploration and to meet individual interests and needs. Academic counseling is available to help students achieve their educational goals. Donna Hajj, and all the counselors, are here to help make your educational experience a successful one!


The faculty, staff and administrators of Cuyamaca College are committed to students' success. A "success package" has been designed which includes a requirement that new, readmit and transfer-in students participate in an assessment process. Counselors review the results of the assessment process with students to help them select courses and develop an educational plan. The Assessment and Testing Office provides individual and group testing in English and Mathematics.


The College offers academic tutoring at no cost to enrolled Cuyamaca College students.


  • Tutorial Center


    - Individual and group tutoring is available in the Tutorial Center located on the first floor of the Library (LRC), room C-222. Any questions regarding tutoring can be answered by calling the Tutoring Center at: 660-4306.
  • Reading, Writing and ESL Center


    - Located in B-167, the Writing Center provides advice for students' individual academic writing needs and projects.
  • Science Technology Engineering and Math Center


    - Located in the "H" (H-101) building, the Math Lab is dedicated assisting all students who are enrolled in math, science and engineering classes.


Services available to all registered students through the Health and Wellness Center include first aid and emergency care, vision, hearing and blood pressure screening, health education and guidance, referral to community resources and a health literature library.


All students pay a health fee each semester which covers accidents and injuries occurring on campus or during school-related activities. All accidents and injuries should be reported promptly to the Health and Wellness Center.


In addition, a low-cost student accident plan may be purchased by registered students for 24-hour insurance coverage. Forms and information are available in the Health and Wellness Center, Room I-134. REMEMBER: All international students should have this additional policy or a similar one to meet immigration policy for proof of coverage while in the United States.


Cuyamaca's library provides a comprehensive range of materials and services to support the instructional program. In addition to the traditional print library, services include a microcomputer lab with the latest Macintosh and IBM compatible equipment, audiovisual recording and playback equipment in the Listening/Viewing Area, foreign language drill and practice rooms for individual or small group use, and conference rooms for group study. To meet extended research needs, books and journal articles not owned by Cuyamaca or Grossmont may be obtained through various computer-based information retrieval systems with access to a nationwide network of libraries.


The basic collection in the library includes 22,000 books and 300 periodical subscriptions. A variety of audiovisual materials is available for playback use in the Listening/Viewing Area. A computerized catalog lists all resources for both Cuyamaca and Grossmont Colleges, and combined with direct borrowing privileges at either library and relatively simple interlibrary loan procedures, Cuyamaca students have ready access to well over 125,000 items in the two libraries.


The librarian at the reference desk upstairs is there to answer questions about the collections and help students find information on nearly any research topic. Group orientations for classes are available upon request. Usually scheduled a day or two in advance by an instructor, these orientations can be general in nature, or designed to meet some specific course objective.



All required textbooks and school supplies are available for purchase at the Bookstore currently located in the Student Center. Books can also be purchased online at


Cuyamaca Bookstore. Profits from the Bookstore help support the Campus Activities program.


The Cuyamaca College Career/Placement Center


staff will assist students in exploring future career goals relating to their individual interests, values, skills and personality characteristics to specific vocational choices. Information on careers is on file in the Career Center to assist students in career exploration. Students have an opportunity to learn to conduct a job search, prepare a resume, complete an application and learn how to interview for a job.


Career workshops for students are presented on campus in which employer representatives from local businesses and industry relate current job information and career search suggestions for future prospective employees.


The Transfer Center


at Cuyamaca College is a resource center that provides students with the most current information to ensure a smooth transition to four-year universities and colleges. Students have access to a current catalog collection of California public universities, articulation agreements, CSU and UC admissions applications, college handbooks and a video collection of four-year universities and private colleges. In addition, the Transfer Center has a computer lab which allows students to access the Internet and university web pages, and utilize online application pages.


The Counseling Staff provides individual academic planning and advising, workshops on choosing a major, transfer programs, information on the TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) program to




and admission to SDSU. Local representatives from four-year institutions are also available for appointments to evaluate student records and facilitate the transfer process.


University Transfer Center Location: Student Services One-Stop A-221

Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday - Closed


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