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MATH 160 Online   Elementary Statistics

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Course Notes:

Section 1325 and section 8177 both begin on August 19.  You will be working the entire course inside of the college's Canvas application. The course is organized into modules.  As this is an 8-week course you will have 1-2 units(consisting of 2-5 modules) due on Saturday evening of each week. 


There will be more information available in our course syllabus which will be posted inside of Canvas, as well as here.


TWO important notes for online classes:


  1. THE FINAL EXAM IS THE ONLY MANDATORY ON CAMPUS REQUIREMENT(read the syllabus/orientation if you are out of town student). The on-campus final exam will be on Friday, October 11 between the hours of 8am and 1 pm.  If you cannot attend the final exam during that time period then please do not sign up for one of these online sections.  There are two other online options available, both ending in December.  

  2. You are NOT required to purchase any textbooks for this course.  You will be prompted within the course to purchase a Statcrunch access code(under $20) at the appropriate time. The only course materials you will need will be access to a TI84(or TI83) calculator and, of course, access to an computer with an adequate internet connection.

Math 160 - Section 5592  Elementary Statistics

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Course Notes:

M and W 8am - 950am  Rm H-133

Math 160 - Section 7486  Elementary Statistics

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Course Notes:

Mon. and Wed 11 am - 1250 pm Rm H-134


TWO important notes for all ONLINE classes!!

  1. Due to the ongoing public health crisis there will be no face-to-face final exam.  All course content will be delivered remotely utilizing the Canvas management system.
  2. You do NOT need to purchase an access code nor a textbook for this course other than a Statcrunch access code(do not purchase now as you will be prompted within the course to do this)

The  syllabus for summer 2020 is now current