Online Orientation

Orientation Step 1(for section 1774)

To begin the online orientation, please carefully read through the summer 2020 course syllabus (opens in a new tab) and decide whether this online class is right for you.


Orientation Step 2

After carefully reading the syllabus, if you are still interested in taking Math 160 online with me, you need to enroll in the course through the College. However, you will not gain immediate access to my course on Canvas. After enrolling in Math 160 through the College, it may be more than 24 hours (not including weekends) before you have access to my Math 160 class on Canvas (assuming I have opened it). The official course start date is Monday, June 22. 


ZOOM meeting

I will be hosting an orientation video conference through Zoom on Monday, the 22nd.  There are two time periods available.  The first will begin at 1030am.  The later option will begin at 8pm.  You only need to attend one of these.


Not registered?

If you are looking to add this course and it is full.  The only possibility for becoming a registered member of the course is to be on the official course waitlist.  I cannot guarantee that there will be any spots available if you are on the waitlist, but I can guarantee that you will not have a possibility of enrolling if you are not on the waitlist.

If you are not on the waitilist(or even if you are) what can you do?

1: please be flexible and investigate any and all colleges in the California community college system.  We are all dealing with the same public health issues so if you spend a little bit of time investigating you might be fortunate and find a spot available at another college.

2: keep on top of the registration period for fall semester, 2020.  Cuyamaca college is currently planning on starting the fall semester in a remote format so be advised of that issue.