Chandra Beal. M.A. Ed.

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ESL 50  ESL 50G


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Welcome! I’m Chandra Beal. I teach Cuyamaca’s entry-level accelerated reading and writing class, ESL 50, and the companion grammar course, ESL 50G.


I love English! I love teaching at Cuyamaca! And I love my students because they teach me so much in return. We have a lot of fun, work as a team, and laugh like family in my classes, but we also work really hard. I may push you outside of your comfort zone while I challenge and motivate you, but my students always tell me at the end that they really


learned and achieved things they didn’t think were possible. And that motivates me.


I have been teaching at Cuyamaca College since Fall 2017. Prior to that, I taught ESL at UC San Diego, and Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California. I also teach at University of San Diego and tutor K-12 students in the humanities. I’ve written three books and produced a DVD. Sometimes, I’m even a yoga and meditation teacher.


I’m originally from Santa Cruz, California, but I lived for many years in Austin, Texas and Brighton, England. When I’m not teaching, I like to hang out with my house rabbit, Gilligan. I love learning new things. One of my many goals: learn to fly a plane by myself.


If you are like me and want to learn, and you are willing to work hard to reach your goals, then join my class and buckle up for the journey! 


50 Syllabus 

50G Syllabus