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Cindy Morrin
Professor, Counseling


Cell Phone: 858-717-5617 (texts ok but tell me your name and which class you are in)
Office: A-212, Counseling Center
Office Hours Available by appointment on Zoom: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/my/morrin

The best way to contact me is through email and I will respond within 24 hours. If I don't respond, please email me again as I may have missed your email.


My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is the belief that all students can be successful and find their passion with support and guidance. My goal is to empower students with tools and resources to overcome barriers and roadblock students may have faced or will face along your educational and career journey. I encourage student contributions to our campus community to seek effective change, social justice and anti-racism thinking and behavior. My purpose is to help students become aware of their talents, skills and values to become lifelong learners who seek truth and justice through their education.


Spring 2023 Classes

Counseling 120 Online, College and Career Success - Syllabus

This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning. The course also discusses the importance of looking at the human being as an integrated physiological, social and psychological organism. Students will explore personality types and examine their own interests and values as a way to increase self-understanding and select an appropriate major and career. Students will identify their learning style and apply psychological principles of learning, memory, motivation and stress management to academic study strategies. Students will also apply life management techniques - such as time and money management - to accomplish personal goals. Students will examine the adult stages of development and develop a plan for wellness and living a long and healthy life. Additionally, students will be given the opportunity to practice creative and critical thinking techniques.

  • Intercession (January): 8444
  • Full Term: Section 0882
  • 1st 8 Week Session, Sections 0881, 6923
  • 2nd 8 Week Session, Sections 0883, 7293

Counseling 140 Full Online, Self Awareness and Interpersonal Adjustment - NEW!!!

This course analyzes the cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, and existential theories as they relate to the awareness of the self and the dynamics of healthy relationships. Using many of the skills suggested by the above theories, students will define and utilize personal achievement techniques, basic principles of healthy functioning, and effective coping strategies that facilitate the process of intra and interpersonal change and relationships. Utilizing the major theories in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, the development of a healthy and strong identity and an empowered sense of self will be explored.

  • 2nd 8 Week Session, Section 6928

Work Experience 110 - Syllabus

  • Will not be teaching this semester

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"Find your Purpose... Find Your Passion... Find your Pathway... Do What You Were Meant to Do and Become Who You Were Meant to Become!" - Cindy Morrin

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