Resources & Forms



Student Information Sheet (10 points)


Site Visit and Learning Objectives 

Your first site visit needs to be scheduled. Please schedule a meeting with your site supervisor and your instructor. Your instructor will meet you and your site supervisor at your work place. Review goals with your site supervisor prior to this appointment. Submit completed Objectives Worksheet to Instructor. Review goals and sign Agreement (contact your instructor to set up appointment).

Second Site Visit

Set up second site visit with site supervisor and instructor.


Career Portfolios Due

Your Career Portfolio will be due (40 points):

  • Career Assessments 
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

Final Time Sheets and Employer Evaluations

You can upload your final time sheet and employer evaluation to Canvas.

  • Time Sheet (Time Sheet of work hours logged signed by your site supervisor) (50 points)
  • Employer Evaluation (Evaluation from your employer signed by the site supervisor) (25 points)

FORMS (Complete List)