HUMANITIES 120 European Humanities



Prerequisite: None 
Corequisite: None 
Recommended Preparation: None 
3 hours lecture


Humanities 120 is an integrated approach to European cultural values as expressed in representative masterpieces of literature, philosophy, drama, music, visual art and architecture. AA/AS, GE, CSU, CSU GE, IGETC, UC.


I'm so glad you've selected Humanities 120. This is a very interesting course where we look at the development of human thought in Europe from the Classical period in Athens and Rome, through medieval France and England, along the the Italian Renaissance, into Baroque Germany and Austria, and to the modern era. The human race is prolific in its expressions, and we will only have time for a taste of the great masters. So, to begin, it is very important to realize we will be reading A LOT, and that you will need to spend most of your time thinking and writing about the various works we will be examining in class.


Humanities 120 is a reflective course, created to help students explore humankind's questions, aspirations, struggles, accomplishments and shortcomings. To do so, it is multidisciplinary and covers diverse subjects in order to reflect upon humankind's self-understanding as expressed in their creations. This class is also designed to develop reasoning and critical thinking skills essential for analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing the results of our studies into a coherent whole.

I hope you will enjoy exploring masterworks of painting, sculpture, music, drama, literature and architecture as much as I will. Check out the syllabus, and I look forward to seeing you in class.




You must attend the on campus orientation for this class. You will receive materials and instruction about the course, it's requirements and how to be an on-line student. You should also complete the student information form by the first day of class.


I use WebCT for class management (quizzes, grades, turning in work, discussion). The course Web site has a link to the WebCT login. You will not be able to log into class until you attend the Orientation. Once at the Orientation, let me know if you are unable to log in to WebCT with your student user name (usually firstlast) and PIN (usually 6-digit birthday).


To get started with the class, go to the online schedule and do everything listed for the current week. Click any links in the schedule for instructions, demonstrations, presentations, etc. You'll want to begin every class session by visiting the online schedule.


If you are new to online learning, it will probably take a few weeks to get used to how I do things. Plan to spend a little extra time at first and don't hesitate to email or call if you feel lost. That's what I'm here for.


Dr. Lyn Neylon 


Dr. Lyn Neylon-Craft





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This class will be offered as an online class with an on-campus orientation.  


Orientation SAT 1/31 B268 8-10am


Please see online course information for details about how an online class works. Students need to have access to a reliable computer with a good Internet connection (high bandwidth) and word processing software.