Getting Started


How are your online courses different from traditional on-campus face-to-face courses?

Each course maintains the quality and comprehensiveness of a traditional class, but uses different methods to do this. Nothing is "live" (synchronous). Instead material and testing can be accessed anytime - 24/7. The courses have been designed to give a media-rich, interactive experience. Lecture is replaced with online interactive exercises, discussion posting, videos, and quizzing. The textbook and MindTap content remain the main sources of class content.



How much time does it take?

Plan to devote much more online time to it than you do a face-to-face class. A face-to-face class meets 3 hours per week with at least an additional 3 - 6 hours of homework per week. Plan on spending at least that amount of online time on these classes. There is certainly more flexibility, as the course is open 24/7, but there are firm weekly deadlines for assignments. There are two-week windows to complete any assignment and there are extra-credit options to make up missed work.


What is the Orientation?

When you first enter the Canvas classroom you will required to complete a brief online orientation quiz based on the syllabus and other materials available within the course. This orientation is to assure that you understand the integrated approach of Canvas with MindTap, the course requirements, and the scheduling within the course. Instructions for the quiz will be available in Canvas when you first enter.


When does it start?

The course will be available on the first day of classes (see the Cuyamaca class schedule for semester start dates). Some assignments will be due about a week after that. [Realize, of course, that you must first register with the college and add the course before you can enter.]


For those new to online learning, see: Online Learning. It includes tutorials for Canvas.