PSY 120 - Introductory Psychology (Online)

The Science of human behavior, thought, and emotion.


Chapter Topics in the Course

 1. The Science of Psychology
 2. Biological Foundations of Behavior
 3. Sensation and Perception
 4. Consciousness
 5. Learning
 6. Memory
 7. Thinking, Language, and Intelligence
 8. Motivation and Emotion
 9. Human Development
10. Psychology and Health
11. Personality
12. Social Psychology
13. Psychological Disorders
14. Methods of Therapy


Course Materials       Course Textbook Cover

Required: MindTap for Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications, 5th Edition by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Cengage, 2018. MindTap is integrated into Canvas and includes an online digital textbook with supplemental materials for this class.


Purchase Options (choose one):

  1. Purchase a MindTap access code via an online popup within Canvas once the course begins. This will include everything you need for the course including the online digital textbook. [Least expensive option for most students.]
  2. Subscribe to Cengage Unlimited. This option allows free access to any Cengage materials used in any of your classes including MindTap. Includes a print text rental option. [Save money if any of your other courses, in any area, use Cengage products.]
  3. Purchase a specially-priced text bundle from the Cuyamaca Bookstore that includes both a printed version of the text and a MindTap access code that can be entered into Canvas.  The ISBN for this customized text bundle is: 9781337598170. Free ground delivery. [Preferred option by many students.] Note: you can also purchase this bundle through other vendors - just be sure to use the exact ISBN number above.

See Getting Started for more information on the class. Also see Online Learning to decide whether an online class is the best choice for you.