Biological Sciences


Course ID        Course Name
BIO-112 Contemporary Issues in Environmental Resources
BIO-115 Biology of Alcohol and Other Drugs
BIO-122 The Secret Life of Plants
BIO-130 General Biology I
BIO-131 General Biology I Lab
BIO-133 Ethnoecology
BIO-134 Ethnobotany
BIO-135 Ethnobotany/Ethnoecology Lab
BIO-140 Human Anatomy
BIO-141 Human Physiology
BIO-141L Lab in Human Physiology
BIO-152 Paramedical  Microbiology
BIO-215 Statistics for Life Sciences
BIO-230 Principles of Cellular, Molecular and Evolutionary Biology                 
BIO-240 Principles of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
BIO-251 Human Dissection